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We all know the archetype of “loner who sits in the dark and all he does is type fast”, and we all assume that person is a “hacker”. Actually, no. It’s just your friendly neighbourhood Computer Science & IT graduate.

As the main discipline of everything computer-related, Computer Science & IT covers everything from Video Games and Multimedia, to Human – Computer Interaction, IT Security, Health Informatics, and more.

Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees cover notions of Computation, Software, Hardware, and Computer Systems, each treated more in depth, as the students advance. Subjects like Mathematics and Algorithms are also very prominent, seeing how those who wish to follow such a degree should have a rather clear and tidy way of thinking.

Fields that have a high demand of Computer Science & IT alumni are:

• Manufacturing of Information Systems
• Maintenance and Sales
• Software and Hardware Development
• e-Business
• Telecommunication Networks Expertise

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Suggested Short Courses in Computer Science & IT

Certificate Fundamentals of Data Science (Technical)

This Fundamentals of Data Science (Technical) course from University of Southampton equips beginners in the discipline of data science with the theoretical knowledge and technical skills to apply data-driven insights to their work, as well as providing the foundations of a career in data science.

United Kingdom
Short Course Level 5 Diploma in Computing

This Level 5 Diploma in Computing qualification offered by the London School of International Business covers a broad range of computing specialisms and were developed to provide a foundation of skills and knowledge for those working in a variety of roles such as Programming, Information Systems Management, Web Development, Software Engineering and more.

United Kingdom
Short Course UI Designer

Have you struggled to learn UI Design alone? Then it’s time for a change. Take a world-class online course, get the support of our outstanding career change community and build a portfolio of UI design projects. The UI Designer program is delivered by Career Foundry.