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Literature is an art or artistic creation that uses means of expression through language. Language and literature are expression tools that offer insight into the elements that form a culture, the particular characteristics of a society or social group in terms of spirituality, intellect, emotion and physical environment. The literature discipline explores the interrelations of literature with other kinds of cultural objects, such as films, digital media and the visual arts.

Disciplines similar to literature are history, languages and philosophy. Main subjects of courses in literature include: cultural and literature, topics in literary research, reading fiction, poetry, modern drama, classical literature, women's literature.

Apart from advanced knowledge of literary studies, students will expand their creativity and communication skills. The study of literature provides general knowledge in many fields of interest, enabling analytical thinking of students and developing their ability to make solid arguments on any given subject. Literature graduates will become critical readers and writers and will gain academic skills to conduct original research in the field of literary studies.

Graduates can find jobs in a variety of fields working as: editors, teachers, writers, book reviewers / journalists, historians and researchers.

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Suggested Short Courses in Literature

Short Course English for Academic Preparation

The English for Academic Preparation (EAP) Program gives you an opportunity to study in beautiful San Francisco, California and learn English in an intensive language program that emphasizes university preparation and academic skills.

United States
Short Course King Arthur's Court - Medieval and Modern

Study King Arthur's Court - Medieval and Modern offered at Stanford Summer. Through a focused reading of Le Morte D’Arthur students will be introduced to late medieval English literary history as we discuss the essential context of the poem—the Arthurian tradition, the linguistic qualities of late Middle English, and the birth of print culture in England.

United States
Short Course Cosmopolitan Crime - Global Detective Fiction

Detective fiction is one of the most popular genres in the world. It is also, interestingly, one of the most international genres as well. Study Cosmopolitan Crime - Global Detective Fiction course offered at Stanford Summer.

United States