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Natural Resource Management focuses on the need of sustainable management of the Earth's depleting natural resources such as clean water, energy, minerals and biological resources, in relation to the growth of the human population. To answer these pressing issues, professionals need to be able to work in interdisciplinary teams and apply scientific, ecological, economic and social knowledge to come up with holistic solutions.

Natural Resource Management offers science-based core curricula in fields such as Biology, Geology, Geography, or Social Sciences. Courses and specialisations focus on environmental topics like land-use planning, conservation biology, energy use, climate change, renewable resource management, forest and wildlife management, or natural resource policy.

Classes include lectures from leading experts, computer labs, tutorials, as well as relevant fieldwork. Graduates are trained to be able to maintain a dialogue with diverse parties involved in natural resource initiatives. By understanding complex issues, resource managers are involved in implementing sustainable solutions to environmental problems, educating the public, while understanding connections between society and biological systems.

Graduates can find work as consultants or staff in a range of companies and government agencies. They can pursue careers in sustainability planning, environmental project management, wildlife conservation, natural conservation management, natural park management, wildlife biology, fertilizer sales, and more.

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