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What is Media Management?

As a student in Media Management you will learn to oversee, supervise, and guide operations and administrative tasks in media industries, including television, radio, print, film, and digital sectors. This discipline is the sweet spot where creativity meets business, allowing media projects to be efficiently produced, marketed, and monetised.

Media Management Specialisations

Within the realm of Media Management, various avenues can be explored to shape one's career. The most common specialisations in Media Management include:

  • Digital Media Management
  • Film and TV Production Management
  • Radio Broadcast Management
  • Media Marketing and Advertising
  • Journalism and News Management

Both Bachelor's and Master's in Media Management can be pursued to specialise in these areas, aligning academic focus with industry demands.

What will you learn during a Media Management programme?

In a Media Management degree, students blend the world of media creativity with the intricacies of business. Key takeaways include:

  • Grasping the structure and operations of various media industries.
  • Gaining insights into media marketing, advertising, and public relations.
  • Learning the nuances of digital media trends and analytics.
  • Understanding financial and legal aspects of media enterprises.
  • Managing media projects from inception to delivery.

Popular courses to expect:

  • Media Economics: An in-depth look into the financial aspects governing the media industry.
  • Digital Media Strategy: Harnessing online platforms for content delivery and monetisation.
  • Production Management: Overseeing the creation of media content efficiently.
  • Media Law and Ethics: Understanding the legal framework and moral considerations in media.
  • Media Audience Analytics: Evaluating audience preferences and engagement metrics.

Media Management is a good degree for those aspiring to be at the forefront of media's dynamic world, blending creativity and administrative acumen. The skills you get from Media Management courses can be applied across sectors, making you a versatile professional in the digital age.

Skills required for a degree in Media Management

For a successful career in Media Management, aspirants should have good communication skills, an analytical mindset, and a flair for creativity. Being updated with the latest media trends is essential. Media Management degree requirements might include prior knowledge of basic media principles or business fundamentals.

What can you do with a Media Management degree?

With a degree in this field, numerous career opportunities arise. The most popular jobs include:

  • Media Planner
  • Production Manager
  • Digital Media Strategist
  • Media Marketing Manager
  • Broadcast Manager

While a Bachelor's in Media Management can get you into roles like media planning, content management, or basic production roles, a Master's in Media Management paves the way for higher managerial positions and strategic roles. From steering major film productions and curating content for digital platforms to strategising media marketing for brands, the options are many!

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