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Agriculture & Forestry is a vital scientific field that focuses on plants, animals, and the environments in which they thrive. You’ll learn about forest restoration, managing natural resources, food production, and preserving the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Experts in Agriculture & Forestry also work with crop rotation and preserving the soil’s mineral qualities. They make sure that products follow industry standards and reach the markets. This is essential in the mass production of food, whose demand will grow as the human population increases.

Agriculture & Forestry students can find themselves working in Horticulture, Animal Sciences, Aquaculture and Fisheries, and other subfields.

There are plenty of opportunities for you, once you decide to pursue a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Agriculture & Forestry. You can help businesses manage their ecological impact; establish and preserve wildlife, knowing exactly how animal husbandry and cultivating plants affects the environment; or you can create spectacular garden landscapes for everyone to admire.

During courses, you will also learn how to properly manage forests. Many people still depend on lumber, as alternative building materials and energy sources’ popularity is growing slowly. You will be responsible for finding a balance that maintains the health of forests, while also providing for our needs.

Agriculture & Forestry students can also focus on permaculture, a concept that fully embraces the idea of working with nature, rather than against it. Permaculture aims to create systems that produce no waste and are beneficial for us and the environment. Permaculture principles are applied in many fields, including regenerative agriculture and rewilding. The need for this type of approaches will keep growing in the next years.

Agriculture & Forestry graduates find themselves in diverse careers, working as agricultural engineers, agronomists, forests rangers, conservationists, nutrient management specialists, landscapers, water management planners, and others. Here are other related fields you might be interested in environmental sustainability, food science, geology, ecology, animal husbandry.

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During this Animals and Society course offered by Coursera in partnership with University of Colorado Boulder...

Coursera United States

How Agriculture & Forestry Subject Ranking Lists Are Created

Want to find out which universities offer the best Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Agriculture & Forestry?

Take a look at the university rankings listing the best universities where you can study Agriculture according to World University Rankings by Subject from Times Higher Education, QS World University Rankings by Subject from TopUniversities, Best Global Universities for Plant and Animal Science, offered by U.S. News, and ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects – Agricultural Sciences.

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Best Universities for on ShortCoursesPortal

Universities Location TopUniversities Ranking (2018)
Wageningen, Netherlands 1
Davis, United States 2
Ithaca, United States 3
Uppsala, Sweden 4
Berkeley, United States 5
Madison, United States 6
East Lansing, United States 7
West Lafayette, United States 8
Paris, France 9
Reading, United Kingdom 10
Ames, United States 11
Tokyo, Japan 12
Corvallis, United States 13
Urbana, United States 13
University Park, United States 15
Zürich, Switzerland 16
Vancouver, Canada 16
Copenhagen, Denmark 18
Brisbane, Australia 19
Beijing, China 20
Canberra, Australia 21
College Station, United States 22
Raleigh, United States 23
Ås, Norway 23
Guelph, Canada 25
Gainesville, United States 26
Palmerston North, New Zealand 27
Kyoto, Japan 28
Bangkok, Thailand 29
New Haven, United States 30
Melbourne, Australia 31
Perth, Australia 31
Ostfildern, Germany 31
Warsaw, Poland 34
Vienna, Austria 35
São Paulo, Brazil 35
Minneapolis, United States 37
Seoul, South Korea 38
Christchurch, New Zealand 39
Columbus, United States 39
Lincoln, United States 39
Sydney, Australia 42
Campinas, Brazil 43
Athens, United States 44
Pullman, United States 45
Gent, Belgium 46
Santiago, Chile 47
Montréal, Canada 48
Amherst Center, United States 49
Manhattan, United States 50
Valdivia, Chile 101
Alcobendas, Spain 101
Chiang Mai, Thailand 101
Halifax, Canada 101
Florianópolis, Brazil 101
Belo Oriente, Brazil 101
Curitiba, Brazil 101
Porto Alegre, Brazil 101
Federal University of Lavras Lavras da Mangabeira, Brazil 101
Wuhan, China 101
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 101
Seoul, South Korea 101
Fukuoka, Japan 101
Melbourne, Australia 101
Halle, Germany 101
Taichung, Taiwan 101
Taipei, Taiwan 101
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom 101
Xi'an, China 101
Shanghai, China 101
Jerusalem, Israel 101
Exeter, United Kingdom 101
Milano, Italy 101
Missoula, United States 101
Berlin, Germany 101
Cordova, Spain 101
Bogotá, Colombia 101
Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium 101
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 101
Fayetteville, United States 101
Barcelona, Spain 101
Brasília, Brazil 101
Cape Town, South Africa 101
Santiago, Chile 101
Joensuu, Finland 101
Florence, Italy 101
Honolulu, United States 101
Lexington, United States 101
Liège, Belgium 101
Lisbon, Portugal 101
Winnipeg, Canada 101
Armidale, Australia 101
Pretoria, South Africa 101
Québec, Canada 101
Knoxville, United States 101
Bagong Pagasa, Philippines 101
Zagreb, Croatia 101
Thessaloníki, Greece 151
Port Macquarie, Australia 151
Chiba, Japan 151
Gwangju, South Korea 151
Seoul, South Korea 151
Clemson, United States 151
Cranfield, United Kingdom 151
Perth, Australia 151
Budapest, Hungary 151
Brussels, Belgium 151
Thuwal, Saudi Arabia 151
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 151
Kobe, Japan 151
Hannover, Germany 151
St. John's, Canada 151
Applecross, Australia 151
Okayama, Japan 151
Stillwater, United States 151
Hat Yai, Thailand 151
Belfast, United Kingdom 151
Roma, Italy 151
Burlington, United States 151
Dresden, Germany 151
Madrid, Spain 151
Milano, Italy 151
Jakarta, Indonesia 151
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 151
Bari, Italy 151
Bordeaux, France 151
Storrs, United States 151
Debrecen, Hungary 151
Granada, Spain 151
Lawrence, United States 151
Durban, South Africa 151
Naples, Italy 151
Newcastle, Australia 151
Padua, Italy 151
Porto, Portugal 151
Strasbourg, France 151
Szeged, Hungary 151
Valencia, Spain 151
Zaragoza, Spain 151
Sydney, Australia 151
Wuhan, China 151
Seoul, South Korea 151
Marseille, France 201
Alexandria, Egypt 201
Auburn, United States 201
Cairo, Egypt 201
Göteborg, Sweden 201
Chungnam National University Seoul, South Korea 201
Budapest, Hungary 201
Federal University of Pernambuco Freguesia do Ribeirao da Ilha, Brazil 201
Atlanta, United States 201
Southport, Australia 201
Seoul, South Korea 201
Bandung, Indonesia 201
Wuhan, China 201
Gießen, Germany 201
Seoul, South Korea 201
Daegu, South Korea 201
Brno, Czech Republic 201
Houghton, United States 201
Nanjing, China 201
Hsinchu, Taiwan 201
Córdoba, Argentina 201
Galway, Ireland 201
Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso Valparaíso, Chile 201
Melbourne, Australia 201
Edinburgh, United Kingdom 201
Guangzhou, China 201
Iowa City, United States 201
Toulouse, France 201
Medford, United States 201
Mexico City, Mexico 201
Universidad de Antioquia Medellín, Colombia 201
San Pedro, Costa Rica 201
Montevideo, Uruguay 201
Esplugues de Llobregat, Spain 201
Canberra, Australia 201
Denver, United States 201
Newark, United States 201
Parma, Italy 201
Pisa, Italy 201
Regensburg, Germany 201
Santiago, Chile 201
Stirling, United Kingdom 201
Tartu, Estonia 201
Tehran, Iran 201
Johannesburg, South Africa 201
Wollongong, Australia 201
Logan, United States 201
Provo, United States 251
Seoul, South Korea 251
Autazes, Brazil 251
Adelaide, Australia 251
Newport, United Kingdom 251
Khargapur, India 251
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 251
Shushtar, Iran 251
Istanbul, Turkey 251
Jilin City, China 251
Kagoshima, Japan 251
Kangwon National University Chuncheon, South Korea 251
Lanzhou, China 251
London, United Kingdom 251
Kampala, Uganda 251
Norwegian School of Veterinary Sciences Oslo, Norway 251
Athens, United States 251
Busan, South Korea 251
Quaid-i-azam University Islamabad, Pakistan 251
Shanghai, China 251
Talca, Chile 251
Monterrey, Mexico 251
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 251
Durham, United States 251
León, Mexico 251
Santa Fe, Argentina 251
Londrina, Brazil 251
Vitorino Freire, Brazil 251
Nice, France 251
Cluj-Napoca, Romania 251
Belgrade, Serbia 251
Catania, Italy 251
Innsbruck, Austria 251
Boston, United States 251
Nairobi, Kenya 251
Novi Sad, Serbia 251
Oulu, Finland 251
University of Paris Sud Orsay, France 251
Santiago de Compostela, Spain 251
Sevilla, Spain 251
Tampa, United States 251
Sydney, Australia 251
Turin, Italy 251
Enschede, Netherlands 251
Udine, Italy 251
Laramie, United States 251
Xiamen, China 251
Aarhus, Denmark 51
Aberystwyth, United Kingdom 51
Barcelona, Spain 51
Bangor, United Kingdom 51
Bogor Agricultural University Jakarta, Indonesia 51
Bologna, Italy 51
Fort Collins, United States 51
Durham, United States 51
Tartu, Estonia 51
Vitorino Freire, Brazil 51
Göttingen, Germany 51
Sapporo, Japan 51
Berlin, Germany 51
Townsville, Australia 51
Seoul, South Korea 51
Ottawa, Canada 51
Baton Rouge, United States 51
Montpellier, France 51
Nagoya, Japan 51
Nanjing, China 51
Valencia, Spain 51
New Brunswick, United States 51
Hangzhou, China 51
Stellenbosch, South Africa 51
München, Germany 51
São Paulo, Brazil 51
Sendai-shi, Japan 51
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Tokyo, Japan 51
Madrid, Spain 51
Dublin, Ireland 51
Aberdeen, United Kingdom 51
Adelaide, Australia 51
Edmonton, Canada 51
Tucson, United States 51
Bonn, Germany 51
Buenos Aires, Argentina 51
Riverside, United States 51
Freiburg, Germany 51
Helsinki, Finland 51
Kiel, Germany 51
College Park, United States 51
Columbia, United States 51
Nottingham, United Kingdom 51
Saskatoon, Canada 51
Hobart, Australia 51
Toronto, Canada 51
Seattle, United States 51
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 51
Blacksburg, United States 51
Hangzhou, China 51
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