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Family and Consumer Science (FCS) is the study of people, relations, and their interactions with the modern society and environment. FCS aims to improve people’s quality of life and their relations through education, transparent information, research, and public service programmes.

Family and Consumer Science seeks to answer questions like: How to enhance the wellbeing of individuals, families, and communities? How to nurture children who can become responsible citizens and future leaders? How to teach people about managing resources and finding a balance between personal and work life?

FCS is more popular at universities and colleges in the United States. The typical curriculum includes subjects like General Sociology, Financial Management, Health and Wellness, Personal Computing, Educational Psychology, Basic Nutrition, Child Development, Culinary Practices, Housing Perspectives, etc.

Students who choose Family and Consumer Science are curious about the relations between people and their interactions inside communities of various sizes. They want to understand which social and environmental factors have the highest impact on human development and how we can create more stable, nurturing, and healthy families and societies.

Career prospects for graduates of family and consumer science include: working in the human services or customer relations area, practicing professions like designer, housing specialist, consumer specialist, nutritionist, social worker, child life specialist, educator or any occupation that aims to improve the quality of human life.

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