VIA University College

VIA University College

VIA University College, located in the Central region of Denmark, educates future engineers, designers, teachers, education specialists, nurses among others. We offer more than 40 degree programmes at eight campusses across the region.

Top reasons to study here

  • This means that we are the largest institution for further education in Northern Europe.
  • Through research and development, we make sure that our programmes are based on the latest knowledge.
  • In addition, we help develop the society for which we educate students.

Short Courses

Arts, Design & Architecture (2)
Medicine & Health (1)



VIA University College was established in 2008 as a result of a number of mergers of institutions of higher education. VIA is not an abbreviation. It's Latin meaning is “by way of”. We see VIA as a station on life’s journey, where students learn and grow before travelling on as professionals ready to contribute to society and make a difference. 


VIA's programmes are organised into 11 departments of one or more related programmes within the same academic area. They all educate students and work closely together with VIA’s research and development centres.

Global Engagement works closely with our educational programmes, departments and general management on developing and coordinating international activities. 


Research areas include:

  • Health and welfare technology

  • Built environment, energy, water and climate

  • Pedagogy and education

  • Creative industries and professions

  • Management, organisation and social sciences

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Quality of education, profession policy and practice


The Danish labour market is calling for skilled work and international talent. This means that Denmark is offering unique career opportunities after graduation. Be inspired by our graduates and learn more about why you should consider making a career for yourself in Denmark.At Danish workplaces, the relationship between employee and manager is generally relaxed and open – much as is the case between Danish students and lecturers.

Critical questions are encouraged and the culture is based on open dialogue. As a result of this culture, individual employees are given a high degree of autonomy, but are also held responsible for their own areas of work.


Student services

Studynet is the central place for all the information you may need when studying at VIA. Every programme has a portal front page and a class website where students may share information. In addition, you can also find information on VIA and on VIA's different campuses. Information on the IT services provided by VIA IT can also be found at Studynet.

Housing services

There are multiple accommodation options in VIA’s campus cities – dormitories, private apartments, house sharing – depending on preference and the length of your stay. Dormitories and house sharing offer great opportunities for socialising and meeting new friends and are more affordable. On the other hand, you own apartment will provide privacy and freedom.

In all cases, be alert if you are planning to rent from a private individual, make sure to have a contract and do not transfer any money until you are sure that everyhting is legitimate. The safest option is to rent through official channels such as housing associations.

Library services

The list of databases is a collection of databases the VIA Libraries provide access to. You will find both subscription databases and a selection of freely available resources. The freely available resources have been selected by people who work within the subject area.Under each database in the subject area listing you can find the subject content of the database.

ICT services

  • As a student at VIA University College you have access to a large number of IT services with your VIAlogin.
  • VIA is a part of eduroam – a worldwide cooperation on wireless network at education communities. 
  • You can gain access to eduroam on all of VIA's addresses. 

Student Life

Campus life

Our programmes are located at eight campuses throughout western Denmark. Each campus is either newly built or newly renovated and offers modern facilities for our students.

You can learn more about housing options, amenities and facilities and the local surroundings of each campus by choosing your study location from the list below:

  • Herning
  • Holstebro
  • Horsens
  • Randers
  • Silkeborg
  • Viborg
  • Aarhus C
  • Aarhus N

Sports facilities

DGI is a sports association in Denmark that works to better the conditions for our more than 6.300 member sports clubs and their more than 1.5 million members.Currently the activities with the most members are gymnastics, with more than 300.000 members and football (soccer) with more than 260.000. Other sports and activities offered in the various associations include (but not limited to) badminton, basketball, handball, shooting, swimming, tennis, various martial arts and volleyball.

Student clubs

At each of our campuses, there is a student council or social community responsible for improving the quality of your student life and study environment. A variety of social activities and events are available on campus along with professional courses. 


VIA University College is a publicly recognised and state-financed higher educational institution regulated by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. 

Public higher educational institutions in Denmark are regulated by the Act for University Colleges of Higher Education. The act concerns degree structures, teacher qualifications and examinations. All programmes are accredited by the Danish Accreditation Council. 

VIA is a certified holder of an ERASMUS+ charter. We are a member of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) and hold a Qualification Certificate from the People’s Republic of China. 

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