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ESPCI ParisTech

ESPCI ParisTech is a major institution of higher education (a French "Grande École d’ingénieurs"), an internationally renowned research center, and a fertile ground of innovation for industry.


Ever since it was founded, ESPCI ParisTech has been gaining in prestige and status. Evolving from a municipal school established to train industrial production managers, it has achieved the status of a major institute of higher education in science and engineering.


  • The Ingénieur degree awarded in France may be unfamiliar in other countries, where the international standard is the Doctor of Science degree. In offering a four-year curriculum that combines theory and practice, ESPCI ParisTech naturally prepares graduates to pursue doctoral studies leading to a PhD.
  • 11 Research Masters degrees are conferred jointly by ESPCI ParisTech and partner institutions (UPMC, ENS,…), in the areas of physics and materials sciences, and chemistry, respectively.
  • The doctoral programs in the ESPCI ParisTech research laboratories are intended to prepare PhDs for a carreer either in industrial innovation and R&D, or in research and/or academics.


Research at ESPCI ParisTech holds a unique position in the French landscape: it is performed at the fundamental level, aspires to excellence in major scientific areas, while maintaining close ties with industry. Such scheme invariably generates inventions of practical significance on a regular basis. Understanding, discovering and inventing are thus the drivers of ESPCI’s scientific enterprise, within the academic and industry realms alike.In conjunction with its education mission, the School hosts 9 research laboratories, all of them being endorsed and jointly supported by CNRS.


The quality of education at ESPCI ParisTech prepares engineering graduates for careers in every major industry. Within months of graduation, the overwhelming majority (over 90 percent) of students are in employment, with an average annual starting salary (excluding PhDs) of over €40,000. The School’s pluridisciplinary focus is particularly in demand, as industry must change to meet changes in energy resources and achieve major technological breakthroughs.

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Student services

Over 125 years after it was founded, ESPCI ParisTech preserves the same fundamental focus on its scientific reputation and excellence which have been accrued over time. The School’s renown has been instrumental in attracting leading teachers and researchers, who in turn further enhance the institution’s prestige

Library services

The ESPCI ParisTech Library was officially opened in 1933 by Paul Langevin (1872-1946), the School’s then Director. The Library’s mission is to make available to students and faculty the documentary resources (printed and electronic) and the bibliographical research tools required for the purpose of education and research. It has a specialized collection in physics, chemistry, and engineering.

Sports facilities

They’re names are Gaétan, Raphaël, Léo or Vincent… They are handballers and champions of the ParisTech Tournament. Spotlight on the feat achieved by their team last autumn, a resounding success which illustrates the dynamism of the Bureau of Sports, the competitive spirit of our engineering students and the atmosphere which exists on campus.

Paris, Île-de-France, France


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