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Bauhaus University Weimar

We are an international university at home in the unique, cultural city of Weimar. We are a vibrant institution, not a museum. We invoke this tremendous paradigm to answer central questions regarding art and culture, technology, science and society using modern methods. 


The Bauhaus, the most influential design school in the 20th  century, was founded in 1919 in our main building on campus.  Distinguished experts from various disciplines and countries have worked here together with their students to revolutionize education. They have left a permanent mark on the design of the living world through modern art, technology and science.


With faculties and areas of study such as Architecture and Urbanism, Art and Design, Civil Engineering and Media, the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar has a distinctive identity within the German university landscape.


The research activities at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar are diverse, international and interdisciplinary. The unique university profile is strongly rooted in the Bauhaus tradition which interconnects technical, scientific and creative-artistic endeavours. In addition to successively promoting the research areas “Digital Engineering” and “Cultural Scientific Media Research”, the university supports other research fields, such as “City, Architecture and Environment”, “Material and Construction” and “Art, Design and Media Art”, all of which play an important identity-building role.


The Career Service is part of the General Academic Advising department at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. Throughout one’s studies and after graduation, it provides support in all matters of professional orientation and entry in the workforce.

Short Courses

Student services

The Equal Opportunity Office supports the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar with its legal obligation to ensure equal career opportunities to both women and men and remove existing disadvantages.

Housing services

The Student Office website provides an overview of the student housing in Weimar. The most popular hall of residence for ERASMUS students is Hummelstrasse 2.

Furnished rooms are available for rent in student housing. They are all single rooms; kitchens and bathrooms are generally shared. The minimum room rental period is 6 months. Shorter rental periods are possible but the rent is more expensive. When concluding a rental agreement, a deposit is required.

Library services

The University Library ensures the university community has access to a wealth of scientific information. It offers attractive working conditions at its three branch libraries. Numerous documents are available in digital form for online access.

ICT services

The Service Center for Computer Systems and Computer Communication (SCC) is responsible for providing IT assistance as well as installing and supervising the central computer-based services, servers and PC pools.

Medical services

You are not allowed to study in Germany without health insurance. You have to provide confirmation of health insurance coverage when you enrol at university and when you register with the Alien Registration Office. That’s why we recommend obtaining health insurance as soon as you arrive in Weimar. 

Campus life

The Campus Office is the central contact point of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.

Sports facilities

The University Sports Center offers a large range of supervised sports and movement courses. The programme also includes free sports and playing times, intramural competitions and participation in national competitions.

Student clubs

  • Bauhaus FM—the student radio station
  • eject - the journal of Media Studies
  • horizonte - the journal of architecture discourse
  • micro - the official independent publication medium
  • port - the interdisciplinary magazine
  • Bicycle Repair Shop »Die Pumpe«
  • Maschinenraum - programming, soldering, conversation and computer repair
  • Textile workshop

Weimar, Thuringia, Germany

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