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UIC English have been carefully chosen for their great locations in some of the UK's finest cities. The school knows that wherever you choose to do your English studies, you want to be in a great location in the city you’ve chosen and close to the action.

Short Courses


Wherever you decide, the school is committed to help you achieve your potential in English language learning. Whether you want to learn English for business, further education, or simply for pleasure, with over 24 years’ experience, the language school knows what it takes to ensure you make the progress you need to succeed.

All of the courses are run in modern, well equipped and state-of-the-art English language schools and they are led by a team of experienced and enthusiastic staff.

The school has fantastic teachers and diverse courses to suit your specific needs. Classes aim to increase students’ confidence in communication through engaging activities and language being presented in a real world context. The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) has consistently judged that the UK schools’ teaching and academic management ‘exceeded expectations.’

City of London, England, United Kingdom