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University of Calabria

What makes our University special is the ensemble of individuals and things which creates a great, historical, strategic and cultural project. This feature does not go unnoticed when visiting the Arcavacata Campus, especially if we consider the history of Southern Italy and Calabria, which on few other occasions have achieved similar outstanding and meaningful results.

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The project of our University was conceived in the sixties, in a period of great changes for our country; the fruitful economic, political and cultural debate inevitably affected universities and their roles and functions in that particular historical moment.

Such a debate was even more significant from the perspective of Calabria, a region striving for its own growth and development.

It was inevitable to wonder what kind of university was necessary for Calabria and what characteristics this new “creature” had to feature, since it was vested with wider and more challenging responsibilities than those traditionally assigned to a university: first to stimulate and then to join in with the dynamic and sustainable positioning of our region within the national economic and social context.

It was a cultural demand requiring an unequivocal response to start a new era of civil engagement and revival, pivoted on an institution strategically placed at the core of the needs and perspectives of the region.Such a response was adequate and in line with the “profile” that new universities were required to adopt at an international level. The profile of our University was built around the concept of the Campus and was, and still is, conceived as a large laboratory of ideas and inspirations that have left their mark, thereby moulding the University’s special character.

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