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The Ritsumeikan Academy is one of the private comprehensive educational institutions in Japan with rich history and tradition, and we celebrated the 130th anniversary of the founding of the Ritsumeikan private school and the 100th year of the establishment of the Academy in 2000. The Academy has now become a comprehensive educational institution with two universities, four high schools, four junior high schools and one primary school.

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 Ritsumeikan traces its roots to Prince Saionji’s private academy of the same name, established in 1869. It was officially founded in 1900 by his protege, Kojuro Nakagawa, as the Kyoto Hosei Gakko (Kyoto School of Law and Politics), later to take on the name “Ritsumeikan”, which means “a place to establish one’s destiny through cultivating one’s mind.”


 Today, the Ritsumeikan Academy is highly admired by society as the educational institution which actively promotes the university reform. Such spirit of innovation and inspiration is simply based on the Academy’s school spirit, “freedom and innovation.”


 Ritsumeikan University, as established in the Mid-term Research Improvement Plan, aims at promoting the reinforcement of research abilities by focusing on international level researches and by becoming the core of diverse international networks. From now on, in order to open up new educational programs and research investigations, it will be important to deepen collaboration with the abundant resources existing in the society. As a university, even by engaging in excellent researches, it will not be possible to plan collaboration activities with the society if research achievements and information on individual researchers is not diffused to the society.


 Ritsumeikan University Career Center offers a variety of career planning events and placement support services for students. Career Center aims to help students achieve their individual career goals.International students are also welcome to attend the events and services. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities to plan your future and find employment.

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Student services

 At International Center, students can receive assistance with visa issues, accommodation, health, and day to day life. When new international students arrive at Ritsumeikan University, International Center organizes thorough orientations that include sessions outlining the procedures for obtaining their alien registration card, health insurance, and bank account.

Housing services

 Ritsumeikan University has several international dormitories called “International Houses” near each campus. Japanese students (bilingual Resident Mentors) also live in the dormitory and help international student transition to living in Japan.

Library services

 RUNNERS Discovery is the library collection of Ritsumeikan University Library and Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Library, you can search for e-journals,e-Book together.

Medical services

 Located on campus, medical service center promotes general health support services and a medical office that specializes in internal medicine. To ensure their good health, all students must take part in a yearly health check that assesses their overall health condition. Students with any persevering health issues are put under watch and given follow up medical guidance until graduation.

Student Life

Campus life

 Ritsumeikan University offers a wide variety of facilities to meet the various needs of its students. These include libraries and peer learning rooms named "PIARA", as well as gyms and other facilties for students to work off the everyday stresses of university life. Other facilities include seminar houses, bookstores, bike parking and international exchange lounges.

Sports facilities

 In order to support students from a health perspective, our campuses have gym facilities including weight training rooms with the equipment necessary for a healthy workout. At the gyms we have trainers residing nearby and students can use the facilities free of charge. If you wish to use the training room, you are required to take an orientation before using. The course will be held on an irregular basis during term of classes.


 Based on the results of the JUAA accreditation, Ritsumeikan University looks to promote education and research activities while going above and beyond the JUAA advice. Ritsumeikan looks to meet and exceed the expectations of its students and their parents or guardians and strive to further improve research and education at all of its institutions.

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