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Yokohama National University


  • 1949: Yokohama National University was established under the National School Establishment Law. Its initial colleges were Liberal Arts and Education, Economics and Engineering.
  • 1962: Master’s Programs in Engineering started
  • 1967: Branched off from the College of Economics, the College of Business Administration was established
  • 1972: Master’s Programs in Economics and Business Administration started.


  • Graduate School of Education
  • Graduate School of International Social Sciences
  • Graduate School of Engineering
  • Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences
  • Graduate School of Urban Innovation
  • College of Education and Human Sciences
  • College of Economics
  • College of Business Administration
  • College of Engineering Science


  • Center for Health Service ScienceIt moves to another category.
  • International Student Center
  • Information Technology Service Center
  • Instrumental Analysis Center
  • Education Center
  • Center for Risk Management and Safety Sciences
  • Center for Future Medical Social Infrastructure Based on Information Communications Technology
  • Global-Local Education and Research Center
  • Center for Oceanic Studies and Integrated Education
  • Center for Economic Growth Strategy
  • Support Center for Gender Equality


YNU Career Support Room holds several career lectures for international students seeking employment in Japan. It provides useful guidance and instruction related to career hunting activities such as how to collect employment information, how to deal with interviews, and any other job-hunting skills. The Room also organizes seminars featuring human resource representatives from various corporations who come to the campus and introduce their companies. Please take the initiative and participate in these programs

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University Ranking

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1001 -50
951 -150
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Student services

  • Academic Advisor
  • Tutoring System
  • Counseling at the International Student Center

Housing services

  • Ooka International Residence is a quality housing complex for international community of students, researchers, and faculty and administrative staff of YNU, aimed to promote multicultural exchanges and mutual understanding.
  • Hazawa International Residence is located near Tokiwadai Campus. YNU students, faculty and administrative staff as well as international researchers reside in the residence
  • YNU has two dormitories for YNU international students: Yokohama National University International Student House and the Minesawa International Student Dormitory. The former dormitory is located in 5 -minute walk from Gumyoji subway. The latter dormitory is located in 5- minute walk from our university.

Library services

The Central Library is located at the center of the campus. It is the largest support center for students and researchers of the university with a substantial collection (about 760,000) of books, journals and multimedia materials.

ICT services

The PC Plaza is a self-study room with more than 70 computers. With Internet connectivity, students can freely use the PCs

Medical services

The Center for Health Service Science provides health-related services so that students can focus on their studies and participate in sports without being concerned about their health. The Center offers medical checkups, and doctors, counselors and nurses can provide advice and help when students have concerns about their physical or mental health

Campus life

The University Hall can be used as a place for students and faculty members to interact, for student club activities, for research presentations, concerts, and other services. The Hall includes meeting rooms, Japanese rooms, and halls.

The Hall also includes facilities to enrich student life, such as dining rooms and stores for purchasing books, stationery, and articles for daily use

  • Shop - Sells books, stationary, everyday articles, and various tickets
  • Travel Agency - JR railway tickets, airline tickets, and hotel reservations
  • Lounge - Cashing Service Corner (Post Office), Cashing Service Corner (Yokohama Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking)
  • Cherche (Cafeteria) - Cafeteria-style dining room (240 seats)

Sports facilities

  • Archery Club
  • Aikido ClubIce
  • Hockey Club
  • American Football
  • Team Ultimate Team COUGARS
  • Martial Art Circle
  • Karate Club
  • Kyudo Club
  • Kendo Club
  • Tennis Club Tennis Club Part 2
  • Baseball Team
  • Golf Club
  • Soccer Club
  • Judo Club
  • Baseball Club (Semi-hard ball)
  • Shorinji Kempo
  • Club Swimming
  • Club Ski
  • Club Skin Diving
  • Club Soft Tennis
  • Club Gymnastics
  • Club Table Tennis

Student clubs

There are 47 athletic clubs and 53 cultural clubs, a total of 100 official clubs (clubs officially registered to the University) for extracurricular activities (as of Apr. 1, 2019). Besides, there are also a large number of groups devoted to many types of activities.

Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, Japan

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