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Aoyama Gakuin University

AGU has established a national reputation for the quality of its teaching and its international ambience, and is widely recognised as one of the leading private universities in Japan. Aoyama Gakuin University aims to educate students with a strong sense of social responsibility and morality in order to contribute to society and the world in accordance with its policy based on the Christian faith.


Aoyama Gakuin University (AGU) was founded in 1949 as part of Aoyama Gakuin, celebrating the 140-year anniversary of its institutional foundation in 2014. AGU has established a national reputation for the quality of its teaching and its international ambience, and is widely recognized as one of the leading private universities in Japan.


  • Aoyama Gakuin University is an educational and research institution based on the Educational Policy of Aoyama Gakuin, which is to serve God and persons, contributing to society as the Salt of the Earth and Light of the World.
  • Aoyama Gakuin has as its aim education based upon the Christian faith and as its purpose the building up of individuals who live in sincerity before God, who seek for truth with humility, and who actively take responsibility for all people and for society in a spirit of love and service.


  • Both the Aoyama and Sagamihara campuses offer excellent facilities for studies and research. Aoyama Gakuin Research Institute pursues a broad scope of academic study under a flexible framework set up in conjunction with the university's education and research operations, and also promotes joint research arrangements. 
  • The Institute represents the focal point of research and education at the university through exchange programs with other universities and research institutions in Japan and around the world, and strives to promote the cause of academic culture.


  • The Career and Employment Support Office assists international students to achieve their career goals by providing professional development skills and employment opportunities for entering the job market.

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Student services

  • We award students who achieve excellent academic performance and students that are successful in their field of study. 
  • Awards and extra prizes will be given as "scholarships" and "academic encouragement prizes" to students that proactively show outstanding academic performance (both awards given to students in 2nd year or higher). 
  • We also have a system for giving "student awards" to students for achievements outside of academics and student union activities.

Housing services

Sagamihara dormitory is the best option when it comes to student accommodation.

Library services

  • Providing academic information necessary for learning and research activities at undergraduate and graduate schools in various forms.Aoyama Gakuin University has two libraries: the main library on the Aoyama Campus and the Mandai Memorial Library on the Sagamihara Campus. 
  • We have 2.2 million books when including the library of the Aoyama Gakuin Women's Junior College.

Medical services

  • Both Aoyama and Sagamihara campuses have student health clinics offering regular health checks for early diagnosis and prevention of illness as well as emergency treatment, medical testing and health research. 
  • Mental health consultants are available on specific days.

Campus life

  • The Aoyama Campus is located in the Shibuya area of Tokyo, the center of contemporary culture in Japan. The Sagamihara Campus on the outskirts of Tokyo provides state-of-the-art-research laboratories and an excellent study environment.
  • An establishment consisting of a university with graduate schools, as well as a kindergarten and elementary, junior, and senior high schools, located in the center of the Shibuya/Aoyama area.
  • The Aoyama Campus brings together 17 departments in 7 faculties in the humanities and social sciences; in a place for learning where proactive intellectual exploration is carried out both inside and outside the campus.

Sports facilities

We have two fields near the Sagamihara Campus:

  • Our No. 1 "Foothold for Sports" with well-developed athletic fields and facilities. Five athletic fields are located on a vast site, where members of respective athletic clubs practice hard everyday. 
  • Our No. 2 "Foothold for Sports" with a seminar house is located in Tokyo's Machida city.

Institutional Accreditation. Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan.

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