From the beginning, NCUK had a clear aim in view. Founded by a Consortium of leading UK universities, we are dedicated to helping international students gain qualifications that guarantee access to universities in the UK and worldwide. We also give students the skills and experience needed to make the best possible start at university and succeed in their chosen field of study.

Top 3 reasons to study here

  • A unique organisation founded by UK universities to provide guaranteed access to universities.
  • Combining the highest of academic standards with exceptional language, study and cultural skills.
  • Our qualifications are of exceptional quality, designed with and for universities.



The 25 year history began in 1987 when NCUK was formed to deliver highly successful student transfer programmes in Malaysia. We offer “pathway programmes” to students who wish to study at undergraduate and postgraduate level in the UK and globally. So far, we’ve helped over 25,000 NCUK students to progress onto degree courses through our world-class programmes.


Our qualifications are of exceptional quality, designed with and for universities

The qualifications NCUK offers at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels are noted for their extremely high quality and appropriateness. They are developed in collaboration with leading UK universities specifically to address the standards and skills they require of their students and in turn, to equip students to deal with the demands that their university courses will ask of them and successfully adapt to the country they study in. As you might expect of an organisation founded by leading UK universities, NCUK sets the very highest of academic standards.


Recognised by universities across the UK and internationally

NCUK qualifications guarantee access to the Northern Consortium universities and are recognised by universities across the UK, including many in the Russell Group, as well as by universities internationally. NCUK students are known to be of very high quality, reflecting the quality of our qualifications, ready to suceed and with proven abilities in the English language.


Tens of thousands of successful students and a 30-year track record of creating opportunities internationally

Over the last 30 years NCUK has helped tens of thousands of students gain access to leading UK universities and earn good undergraduate and post graduate degrees. Our alumni are now pursuing successful careers all over the world, and our intent is to continue growing the reach of NCUK to create still more opportunities and support for many more students internationally.

Short Courses

Business & Management (2)
Engineering & Technology (2)
Humanities (1)


Student services

If you pass your NCUK programme NCUK will guarantee you a place on a suitable programme at one of our partner universities. The entry criteria for each of our universities varies, so where you are placed will depend on how well you do in your exams. The better you perform, the greater chance you have of getting a place at your first choice!

Medical services

NCUK always acts in your best interests

NCUK can be relied on for independent and objective advice. We are here to serve the interestsof international students, partners and our universities. Our only agenda is to help students find theright degree, at the university of their choice, get good results and ultimately, a great and valuablecareer

Student Life

Campus life

Each centre is outstandingly equipped with the latest technologies and teaching material providing you with a safe and stimulating learning environment. And because you’ll be learning together with other students aiming to study in the UK, you’ll make friends and enjoy a supportive social setting as well.

A choice of thousands of different courses, combined with fantastic levels of service and support

Our qualifications provide international students with the perfect pathway to thousands of different degrees at the Northern Consortium or other universities. Delivered in students’ home countries or in the UK, they are taught by quality assured partners whose standards are as high as our own.


The Brand Story

To pull all these aspects together, the NCUK brand story will provide an overview of the organisation, its offer and key selling points

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