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In 2023 Algebra celebrated its 25th birthday: what started as a lifelong learning education institution offering specialised short courses at the end of the millennium completed its transition into Algebra University. Since the beginning, Algebra has strived to create opportunities for students to acquire excellent skills and knowledge and equip them for competitive careers in digital technologies



  • Software Engineering
  • System Engineering
  • Multimedia Production
  • Digital Marketing
  • 3D Design
  • Design
  • Game Development



  • Software engineering
  • System engineering
  • Data Science
  • Game Development
  • Digital marketing
  • Creative Market Communications Management
  • e-Leadership MBA


At Algebra University we remain focused on the global occupations of the future and will continue to update programmes through continuous alignment with leading Croatian and international employers, while encouraging learning in an international environment. 

  • Software Engineering
  • System Engineering
  • Digital Marketing
  • Multimedia Production
  • Design
  • 3D Design
  • Game Development

Student services

Founded in 2010 with a few important tasks in mind. The council organizes and attends various sports events. It organizes LAN parties and thematic gatherings. It is involved in organization of field trips, recreational outings and all the fun campus activities.

Housing services

Algebra University is located in the western part of city of Zagreb. The location is Gradiscanska 24, 10000 Zagreb. Please note the public transportation in Zagreb is excellent and you will have no issues if you find your apartment further away from the campus. We do advise students to settle in city of Zagreb.

At this moment, Algebra University does not have a its own student dormitory. The construction of a student residence/dormitory owned by Algebra University is planned to start in the near future.

In light of this, students are advised to look for alternative options we recommend and you will find below.

For full time students we highly recommend having a long-term accommodation solution when applying for a visa. Please note the earlier you apply; the more affordable and various options are available.

The students are advised to start their accommodation search immediately once they complete the application process, pay the first-year tuition fee and receive a Letter of Acceptance.

Students should have a flexible budget starting from 400 EUR per month for accommodation. Prices in Zagreb typically range from 350 EUR (renting a room in larger shared apartments) to 1.500 EUR (larger apartments that can accommodate more people).

When the time comes, we connect students to our trusted partners: agencies which specialize in international student accommodation in Zagreb.

Library services

Aware of the development of the Internet and the omnipresence of Google and similar services, the Algebra University has not neglected the development of its library fund and the library as infrastructural support for studying. In this sense, we have published more than 50 books that cover all courses of our current professional study programmes for which there is no commercially available literature in the Croatian language. These books are included in the tuition fee and have a great ability to enable students to attend classes and take exams. The official literature which is not published by the Algebra University or Algebra is available in the internal reading room with at least 120% of copies in relation to the number of enrolled students, which means that each student can use all the literature necessary for classes until passing the exam in question.In addition to titles which are published by Algebra and specifically prepared for our study programmes, the University  has obtained nearly 2000 titles of recent technical literature (mainly in English) which are available to students in a total number of approximately 2500 copies at the reading room of the University. 

Medical services

Students are required to have health insurance during their studies in Croatia.Students can use one of the following as health insurance during their studies:• European Health Insurance card (EHIC) – students from EU have access to this• Health insurance certificate issued by the Croatian Health Insurance Fund • Certificate of a foreign health insurance provider stating the right to health care in accordance with EU regulations of the social security system or international social security contract• Proof of private health insurance or travel insurance for citizens of countries with which the Republic of Croatia has not concluded a social security contract. Upon the approval of their temporary residence, they are obliged to contact the competent office of the Croatian Health Insurance Fund in order to determine the right to health insurance according to regulations on health insurance of third country nationals in the Republic of Croatia,• “bolesnicki list” (based on Bilateral treaty on social insurance regulating the issue of utilizing healthcare in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey and North Macedonia)Foreigners with temporary residence in Croatia, regardless of the purpose of their temporary residence permit, whose right to compulsory health insurance or health care is not insured on another basis, are obliged to obtain insurance by becoming payers of health insurance contributions.

Campus life

Algebra University is located in the western part of city of Zagreb. The location is Gradiscanska 24, 10000 Zagreb.

The new campus covers almost 12.500 square meters and has 35 lecture rooms named after many Croatian and world innovators and scientists such as Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs, Ivan Lupis, Faust Vrančić, Ruđer Bošković, Slavoljub Penkala, Ivan Vučetić, and the recently deceased emeritus professor Slavko Krajcar, the first rector of Algebra University.

In addition to the newly equipped lecture rooms, which consist of almost 700 computers, laser projectors and equipment for live streaming of the lectures, the teaching process takes place in 14 separate online cabinets for distance learning and training.

To ensure creativity in design teaching, Algebra has a modern Art Studio and a 3D production room with 3D printers for larger formats. Our Video and Audio Studios, as well as the Podcast Room, are readily available to Multimedia and Digital Marketing students to further hone their production and post-production skills. Our unique Innovation Centre is open to all students during university working hours as a maker space for collaborative work.

Sports facilities

Take part in one of our sports teams, play to win in tournaments and as sports journalists say, ‘let your skills do the talking on the court’. Our teams take part in all the main annual collegial events such as Elektrijada (Electrical Engineering Sport and Science), Tehnologijada (Engineering Universities Sports and Science Competition) and the annual University Games. 

Algebra University is ranked 1st in Croatia with respect to the overall quality of the programmes and HEI according to the National Agency for Science and Higher Education and is the best education organization in the world among 3200 organizations as evaluated by Microsoft in 2014. Algebra is a co-founder of the Leading Learning Partners Association (LLPA) recognized as the winner of 2020 Microsoft Learning Partner of the Year.

The only institution in Croatia that has met the quality requirements of the NVAO.

Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, Croatia

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