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National University of Science and Technology (MISIS)

NUST MISIS is a dynamic scientific and educational centre attracting the best graduates, scientists and lecturers. The University specifically focuses on integrating science, education and innovations, as well as establishing a creative environment for unlocking the potential of every student. NUST MISIS today is one of the leading technological universities in Russia

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The National University of Science and Technology (MISIS) has a proud and distinguished history, having celebrated its 99th anniversary in June 2017. It originated as the Department of Metallurgy in the Moscow Academy of Mines, which the Soviet government established in 1918, and in the following decades it went through several transformations before achieving its current designation.


Our mission emphasizes providing fundamental instruction at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels as well as creating an organic bond between education and science.


Following Russian federal policy in engineering and innovations, the university is working to develop research and development projects in prioritized areas of the economy, as identified by the presidential administration. NUST MISIS’s goal is to create energy-effective technologies and environmentally-friendly methods of industrial production, and to produce new materials for use in energy-effective technologies.

University Ranking

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451 25
476 25
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1050 -86
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Student services

  • Library
  • Dom Kultury (Perfomance Hall)
  • Profcom (“Professional Student Organization”)
  • Student HR
  • Career centre
  • Sport complex

Housing services

NUST MISIS Commune House is a unique monument celebrating the Constructivism, fully remodeled yet preserved its historical appearance. It is recognized as one of the best student residence hall complexes in Russia.   

In 2016, NUST MISIS finished the reconstruction of the Commune House. The latest environmentally friendly materials, modern energy saving technologies and original engineering solutions were applied during reconstruction. 

The «Metallurgist» campus is also among Russia`s exemplary student residence hall complexes. There is all necessary infrastructure on its premises: dining room, shops, outdoor recreation areas and sports complex with pool, as well as laundry, pharmacy and dental office.  

Library services

NUST MISIS electronic library provides access to International full-text electronic databases.

Medical services

There is no time to be sick, but if you feel ill, go to our student health office.

Student Life

Campus life

Students share furnished rooms with Russian and international students and have access to a variety of leisure facilities. There is a bathroom on each floor and each room has wired Internet access.

Students have access to computer labs, laundry rooms, a recreation center, and a swimming pool, as well as a café. There is also a cafeteria located within the complex where many of the students dine. If you prefer to cook for yourself, there are kitchen facilities on each floor and there are several grocery stores located nearby.

Moscow is a city of contrasts that offers a broad variety of attractions. You will certainly want to make sure to attribute some of your time to discovering all of the wonders of Moscow!

Sports facilities

On the basis of the residence hall “Metallurg” we have sports facilities for students. Being a student of MISiS, you can receive a very good discount for a variety sports.

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