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Regent College London

Regent College London (RCL) is a diverse community active in promoting learning and education, with an established record of success rates within UK Higher Education. You will experience an exciting time of study and interaction within an environment geared to draw the best from students, supported by a dedicated team of professionals at all levels who always put students first!


Regent College London is a part of the Regent Group. The group has offered education provision across a range of requirement levels for 18 years. 

Our Mission Statement : “The End of Education is Character” 


At Regent College London you can study for HNDs in a range of business disciplines, including: business management, accounting and finance, marketing, operations management and human resources.

We also offer Bachelor’s degrees in business and social science and Top Up Degrees in business and entrepreneurship across five well-equipped campuses (Wembley, Kingsbury, Harrow, Southall, and Central London). 


The College offers a flexible learning experience, with day time, weekend and evening classes available. Boasting a Silver award in teaching from the TEF and a dedicated personal development programme, ‘Thinking into Character’ you can be sure you’ll receive a great, well-rounded education at Regent College.


They provide high-quality careers information, education and guidance, the Careers and Employability Service at Regent College endeavours to empower students to make informed career decisions and develop lifelong career management skills.

Regent College London supports our students by enhancing their career development goals and helping them pursue employment opportunities. Our services are available to all students throughout their studies. 

RCL focuses on delivering courses that can enhance your career prospects. From vocational courses to career opportunities with local businesses, your studies at Regent College will have employability at their core. 

Short Courses

Student services

Student Wellbeing is a main priority at Regent College London. 

Support services:

  • Personal support – if you are experiencing relationship, family issues or domestic difficulties
  • Academic advice – on transfers, resuming studies, withdrawn or suspended from studies
  • Advice on non-academic and pastoral issues
  • Mental health support – for students that are having a difficult time and need someone to talk to
  • Confidential support – for students with a disability or a condition that affects their studies 
  • Information regarding sources of financial support – advice on fees and student discounts 
  • Study skills support – essay writing, paraphrasing, giving presentations, researching assignments, referencing, Turnitin

Housing services

Regent College London offers detailed accommodation information and support on its website, where you can find out more about housing costs in all of the boroughs where the College has a campus. Although the College does not have its own accommodation, it is very easy to find private sector accommodation in London, either through signing up with a letting agency or using a popular flat-sharing website like Spare Room or Gum Tree.

Library services

Our Campuses offers modern facilities in a vibrant community, including a dedicated Higher Education Student Suite, IT lab, and comfortable lounge area.

From June 2019, the new London Campus will open, enjoying a great location surrounded by amenities, local businesses and transport links in the heart of Central London. 

ICT services

Yes. We have IT technical support at each of the five campuses.  

Medical services

Each of our campuses has a dedicated first aid lead for emergency health care response.    

Campus life

Whichever campus you choose to study at, you’ll be living in the heart of London, the UK’s vibrant capital city. All of the campuses enjoy great transport links, so you can travel throughout the city with ease, and enjoy discounted fares on London underground and local buses with your NUS card.  

You can get away from it all in one of London’s eight Royal Parks, or countless other parks, open spaces and garden squares. 

There are music venues everywhere hosting live events of all genres, and if you’re studying at the Wembley Campus, you’ll have two of London’s biggest and best-known venues right round the corner, in the form of Wembley Stadium and Wembley Arena. 

Sports facilities

Regent's students benefit from being able to join our club sports, including: 

  • Cross-country athletics
  • Men's basketball
  • Women's basketball
  • Men's football
  • Polo
  • Mixed volleyball
  • Women's football

Student clubs

The College does not have a traditional Students’ Union; however, membership of Regent College grants you full membership of the National Union of Students, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of an NUS card, too. Full support is also provided at the Student Support Centre, which is open daily and offers a number of useful services.

You won’t be short on entertainment opportunities either, as each of the College’s five campuses is based in the heart of a thriving local community, where you’ll have easy access to all amenities likes shops, cafes, pubs and clubs. 

All degrees and top-up courses offered by Regent College London are awarded by our two trusted partner universities, Buckinghamshire New University and the University of Northampton.

  • Buckinghamshire New University
  • University of Northampton 
  • Pearson  

Harrow on the Hill, England, United Kingdom

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