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CyberSchool – Graduate Cybersecurity Research School

CyberSchool is the only graduate cybersecurity research school in France. The school’s international and innovative Master’s and PhD programmes are research-based: from their first year of studies, future specialists, engineers and scientists are involved in research in all cybersecurity-related fields. 


CyberSchool is a winning project of the French “Investments for the Future” programme. At the heart of Rennes’ cyber-valley, universities, engineering schools and research institutes joined forces and officially created CyberSchool in September 2020 to provide first-rate cybersecurity training programmes. 


CyberSchool’s cybersecurity programmes cover mathematics, computer sciences as well as human and social sciences within six research pillars.

The School fosters synergies between academic research and corporate R&D through work-study training programmes, research projects and internships in laboratories and the industrial sector.

At the core of Rennes’ ecosystem, CyberSchool’s Master’s and PhD students are given the opportunity to collaborate with various academic and socio-economic actors.Master’s students learn how to develop the level of expertise and agility necessary to adapt to real-life situations. 


CyberSchool is managed by University of Rennes 1 and draws on the expertise of a partnership of leading engineering schools, research centers and the French Directorate General of Armaments.

CyberSchool trains future cybersecurity specialists, engineers and scientists by fostering synergies between academic research and corporate R&D. CyberSchool leverages world-class research teams for its training programmes:

Research professors and cybersecurity researchers, six of whom have been awarded a European Research Council grant, and three Academic Institute of France members, share their specialist knowledge with cybersecurity students.


Graduates are employed by various organisations as information system infrastructure security specialists. 

They are recruited in positions where they design, create and ensure the robustness and security of complex IT architectures.

Because CyberSchool trains future cybersecurity specialists, engineers and scientists, students are encouraged to continue their graduate studies to PhD level. 

Short Courses

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Student services

CyberSchool students benefit from University of Rennes 1 campus life. The highly-diverse range of student activities on campus plays a central role in university life and adds to the University’s momentum and influence.

Housing services

Rennes is the 8th largest French student city, with 67,000 students, 8,000 international. The city offers a wide diversity of private housing options, from studios to big flat-sharing apartments.

The Crous is the French body in charge of coordinating university student social services. CyberSchool students have the possibility to apply for a room in a Crous residence. Admission will depend on a series of criteria. Rennes Crous office can also put the students in touch with private property owners and potential flatmates. 

Library services

The Beaulieu University library (BU), and the University’s local partner libraries, are open for students, research professors, University staff and external visitors who wish to study there, request information and carry out research. 

ICT services

  • Wi-Fi network is available on the campus with a student access.
  • An IT support office (DSI) is provided to students.

Medical services

The university has got a health service dedicated to students, the «Service de Santé Etudiant (SSE)». Every week on Beaulieu and Villejean’s campus, they propose different health care missions for free (medicine, gynecology, psychiatry, nutrition services etc.…). 

Campus life

CyberSchool headquarters as well as all education facilities are located on Beaulieu Campus in Rennes. 

A wide range of on-campus catering choices is available. These are university restaurants and cafeterias. 

Beaulieu campus is located just 15 min away (by Bus and metro) from the city center. All facilities and services are available in the city center. 

Sports facilities

Throughout the year, SIUAPS, the interuniversity service for physical and sporting activities of Rennes universities, offers activities and facilities that allow students to practice sport during their studies. 

The City of Rennes also gives access to many activities (swimming pools, stadiums, ice rink, etc.) and punctuates the year with its major sporting events. 

Student clubs

Campus life gives students the opportunity to develop a sense of initiative, civic awareness and acquire new skills. The highly-diverse range of student activities at Université de Rennes 1 plays a central role in university life and adds to the University’s momentum and influence.

CyberSchool is a winning project of the French “Investments for the Future” programme. It reports to the French National Research Agency (ANR). The ANR is commissioned "to manage major government investment programmes in the fields of higher education and research and to oversee their implementation". 

The ANR was appointed as the French government's operator for the actions of the Investments for the Future programme (PIA). The ANR is responsible for funding, monitoring, auditing and reviewing the impact of CyberSchool in the field of higher education and research.

Rennes, Bretagne, France


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