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European Academy Bozen/Bolzano (EURAC)

European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano (EURAC) is a private research centre located in the heart of the Alps. With a focus on mountain regions, but a vision that reaches to Europe and beyond, researchers come to EURAC from all over the world to find solutions for the most challenging issues of our age.


An initiative of the Provincial Government of South Tyrol, EURAC was founded in Bolzano in 1992 as a private association. In its first year, twelve staff worked in three areas of research: Language and Law, Alpine Environment, and Minorities and Autonomies.


EURAC was established in South Tyrol, a mountainous, multilingual region on the border between Italy and Austria, where Italian-, German- and Ladin-speaking communities live and work in a spirit of cooperation. The needs of this region, along with the knowledge it generates, form the basis of EURAC's studies, and its findings are shared at international level. Researchers come to EURAC from all over the world.Through an interdisciplinary approach, they work on the protection of minorities and multilingualism, investigate climate change, draw up sustainable development plans through the use of renewable energy, and contribute to the health of the community by conducting biomedical studies.


Researchers have four state-of-the-art and upgradable labs at their disposal.

These labs and their data are not only for research purposes. For example, the laboratory for photovoltaic technologies and building components tests the prototypes of numerous private companies, and researchers at the satellite receiving station provide weather data to the Province’s hydrographical office.

  • Laboratory for Photovoltaic Technologies and Building Components
  • Satellite Receiving Station
  • Ancient DNA Laboratory
  • Biomedicine Laboratory

Short Courses

Student services

Studies emanating from the centre’s offices and laboratories are made available to businesses, hospitals, schools and public institutions—data and analyses end up on the desks of public administrators and political decision-makers; maps and applications developed by geographers and engineers become concrete tools for those managing resources and territory.

Library services

The EURAC Library is a publicly accessible, specialised scientific library. It supports the research of the Academy's institutes, as well as other scientific work, further education, and general information needs.

Bolzano - Bozen, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy


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