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National Technical University of Athens

The National Technical University of Athens is structured according to the continental European system for training engineers, with an emphasis on solid background. The duration of courses leading, after the acquisition of 300 credit units to a Diploma, of Master’s level, is five years.

Short Courses



NTUA was established by Royal Decree in 1837, a few years after Greece gained its independence. It was then named the "Royal School of Arts", a part-time vocational school (Sundays and Holidays only) with the purpose of training craftsmen, builders and master craftsmen.


Greek high school graduates enter NTUA Schools after succeeding to the national "numerous clasus" entrance examinations. According to the exam records, NTUA students are in the range of the top 1 ? 5% of the candidates for University education. There are no limits for the duration of studies. Students may apply to their School to suspend their studies. If approved by the University board, an applicant will cease to be a student during the period of suspension, and all the associated rights of the student will be withdrawn. Studies may be resumed with a new application.


The research commitee supports the distinguished high level activities of NTUA is scientific research. The cost of research programmes is covered in four ways: at NTUA’s own expense; with funding from the General Secretariat of Research and Technology and other state agencies; with funding from the European Commission; or, finally, paid for by the private sector in Greece or abroad, under certain academic conditions.


NTUA holds a prominent place in the international academic community as a distinguished state university which promotes science and technology. This place is also due to the postgraduate degrees which it awards. They are of a high standard and enjoy international prestige.The main aims of the NTUA’s postgraduate studies are to maintain and strengthen quality, to enhance international recognition of the degrees granted and to pursue cohesion between education, research advancement and scientific depth.

University Ranking

Best Global Universities Rankings by U.S. News & World Report
412 2
414 23
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QS World University Rankings by TopUniversities
454 -8
446 -45
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601 -200
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Student services

Courses included:

  • Libraries
  • NTUA Press
  • Network Management Center
  • Computer Center
  • Lavrio Technological Cultural Park
  • IT Services

Library services

NTUA is currently estimated to have a total number of 200.000 volumes of books coming from purchases, donations and research projects, and over 80.000 volumes of scientific reviews. Books and reviews are available either from the Central Library of the Institution or from the Libraries of the Faculties, the Departments and the Labs

ICT services

From the beginning of year 2000, ten PCLabs are available, one for each NTUA faculty and one Inter-Departmental. These Labs are suitable for computational exercises according to the academic schedule of each faculty, as well as for the use of Internet services (web -surfing, e-mail etc.) by the students of NTUA

Medical services

All students are entitled to free healthcare. It can be obtained with a student health book issued at the Zografou Health Centre on presentation of an identity card, student ID card, photographs and a sworn statement.

Student Life

Campus life

The campus features:

  • Libraries
  • NTUA Press
  • Restaurants
  • Canteens
  • Physical education and sports centers
  • Bycicle paths
  • Health Centers

Sports facilities

The Sports Centre has two gyms: one on Patission Street (on the 5th floor of the Bouboulina Building) and one on the Zografou Campus (near the student flats). Students who belong to sporting associations may join the university teams and take part in inter-university matches. Other students may use the sports facilities of NTUA and other facilities such as the Municipality of Athens swimming pool, the tennis courts in the same area, yacht clubs etc.

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