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Ecole normale supérieure (ENS)

At the same time a French grande école and a university, the Ecole normale supérieure provides in Paris, at the heart of the Quartier latin, excellent training through research, leading to various teaching and research professions, and contributes to train through research the senior executives of public administrations as well as of French and European companies. 


The tradition of Écoles normales supérieures dates back to the Decree of the 9 Brumaire AN III (1794) which led to the creation of the first ENS, dedicated to the training of educators who would train future teachers. This symbolic date can be found on the pediment of ENS in rue d’Ulm in Paris.


The ENS gives priority to fundamental knowledge and combines in-depth study in a discipline with familiarity in many other disciplines. The richness, diversity and organisation of the training fields, gathered in 15 departments for training and research in Sciences and Humanities, allow students to explore the boundaries of their disciplines and to develop intellectual approaches with a strong interdisciplinarity. 

The ENS enhances students’ autonomy with individual tutoring: all students draw up their individual study programme while being advised and guided by a tutor (agrégé répétiteur, teacher-researcher or researcher), so that they can make their choice among a large training offer. 


The research conducted at the Ecole normale supérieure are fundamental, theoretical or experimental, and may also lead to breakthrough innovations. When innovation becomes an invention, the issue at stake consists in finding, for each one, the suitable technology transfer: a transfer to an industrial partner who will convert the technology at stake into a product and place it on the market, or, ideally, the creation of a start-up exploiting this technology, when the context is favourable. Through specific and targeted awareness-raising actions and with some local support of quality, the ENS aims at creating an environment conducive to the emergence of projects springing from the whole ENS community. 

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Housing services

The various campuses of the École normale supérieure (Ulm, Jourdan, Montrouge) are real living, meeting and sharing places.

With its comfortable accommodation, its varied teaching departments, dynamic research laboratories and well-stocked libraries, the École normale supérieure is characterised as a high-quality institution where it is pleasant to live and study.

The numerous cultural, artistic and sports events, organised by the ENS or the many student associations, animate campus life from September to June.

Library services

The Humanities Library Ulm-Jourdan is a hotspot for research in humanities and social sciences. The library is rich of 800,000 volumes, 2,000 subscriptions to print-based journals and to 18,000 electronic journals, and also offers online access to 100 databases, on-site and remote services, as well as computing resources training.

Campus life

Located in the heart of Paris, the Ecole normale supérieure boasts all the key features for student campus life: living and study spaces, libraries, sports and cultural facilities, etc.

Sports facilities

Founded in 2012, the AS-PSL is PSL sports association. Open to all PSL students, professors and members of staff, this association is very dynamic and keeps increasing and diversifying the numerous organised events.

Throughout the year, the AS-PSL members of benefit from a very wide range of sports activities (swimming, football, rugby, volleyball, handball, basketball, badminton, tennis, athletics, climbing, combat sports, etc.). The association also organises recreational and convivial events such as the Faites du Sport, the multisport tournament held at the Gymnase Sarrailh, cycling raids, races and even a boating licence exam.

Student clubs

The École normale supérieure is more than just a place of study and research: students can benefit from its associative, cultural and sports life. Students develop their future collaborations and partnerships, and also form strong and long-lasting friendships there. The numerous events, clubs and associations present indeed all year long opportunities to meet students from other departments or disciplines.

Paris, Île-de-France, France


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