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Andrássy Universität Budapest

The Andrássy University Budapest (AUB) is the only university outside of the German-speaking countries that operates entirely in German. The AUB was established as a multinational joint venture in 2001 during the expansion of the European Union. The AUB is a Hungarian but also international university supported by Hungary, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Republic of Austria and more.


AUB students and professors come from over 20 countries across the world. The university offers Masters courses and a Ph.D. program with a 1:7 student-faculty ratio. European topics, including those regarding European integration, lie at the forefront of research and instruction of all disciplines at AUB. At AUB, interdisciplinarity is incorporated structurally in the faculty layout; ensured in the curriculum by the interdisciplinary study programs; implemented methodically into the joint transdisciplinary courses; and embedded academically in overlapping research topics.


AUB’s research focuses on European Integration and the Danube Region and in particular on the region's political, economic, legal, and historical-cultural issues and their effects on European Integration.


Thanks to the unity of well- instructed research, competitive and innovative study programs and excellent student mentoring, AUB is able to ensure very high job market qualities. Moreover, AUB-alumni are seen as outstanding potential employees in the job market.

Short Courses

Library services

A well equipped library offers comprehensive literature for study and research in the German language. This asset is supplemented by the Austrian György Sebestyén library, located at AUB.


evalag/Germany (Baden-Württemberg)

Budapest, Budapest, Hungary


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