Top 3 reasons to study here

  • Grenoble INP is regularly ranked amongst the best engineering schools in France and the world
  • Great public institution - Grenoble INP institute of engineering gathers over 5 500 students and 1 300 staff, teachers-researchers, administration and technical
  • Generator of discoveries - a world-class research center in constant movement, preparing technologies of the future



The story began in the winter of 1892 when a young lecturer called Paul JANET launched the first public industrial electricity lecture in Grenoble. For over a century, Grenoble INP institue of engineering Univ. Grenoble Alpes has been pursuing what was its first mission: to train engineers.


By integrating one of Grenoble INP's 6 engineering schools, you benefit from a unique research capacity in France and courses created to answer society's biggest challenges: energy, environment, digital society, micro and nanotechnologies, and globalized economy.


Grenoble Institute of Technology is commited to excellent research and contributes to 36 research laboratories, including 11 international laboratories, and 26 laboratories in partnership with France's Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique and Universit Grenoble Alpe.

In addition, Grenoble Institute of Technology has a strong international reach, and is part of student exchange programmes with research and higher education partners in over 50 countries.


To support their students and recent graduates in their professional project and bring them closer to companies, Grenoble INP has a Career Center in partnership with JobTeaser.

Short Courses

Engineering & Technology (2)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (1)


Student services

No need to worry about finding the service you need. Whether it's sport, culture, clubs and societies... It is all laid on for you!  

The Student house has very quickly become the hub of Grenoble INP student life. Clubs and societies, the "student board" (Grand Cercle) and the SUAPS (university sports department) have their offices here. The "maison" is a lively meeting point, where you may run into the Chess club training for the next tournament, the Rock club working on its dance routines or bands practicing for their next gig.

The Student Board is better known as the "Grand Cercle" and organizes student events at Grenoble INP. It is one of the largest student bodies in France, with more than 5,000 members.

Housing services

Any student's first job is to find some accommodation. Grenoble Institute of Technology can help, thanks to its special relationship with the Houillle Blanche hall of residence.

Medical services

An occupational health department is available for students in all areas related to working conditions (health, hygiene, occupational accident and disease risk protection). Various medical services are available for free with your student card.

Student Life

Campus life

Second Largest Campus in France: A cultural hotbed would be the best way to describe Grenoble, with its new "Maison de la culture", which hosts the National Dance and Theater Center. The "Grenoble scene" is very lively, and has produced a number of bands that have "made it" in France.

It's now over to you to discover the next big thing! There are festivals catering for all tastes - "Rocktambule", the "cabaret frapp", "les nuits unplugged" and the jazz festival - chance for you to spot the next star.

Sports facilities

If you are into sports, the mountains and lakes close to Grenoble provide many opportunities, which is why Grenoble has a reputation for outdoor pursuits. Sport may be part of your university curriculum, if agreed by your university and according to it's regulations. You may also just want to play for pleasure. For a flat yearly fee, you can use the SUAPS sports facilities (intervarsity sports department) at any time.

Student clubs

Over 30 student clubs and societies offer all sorts of activities and events. Whatever you are into, from sport, to culture, humanitarian action, leisure or entrepreneurship- there is something for you. At Grenoble Institute of Technology, participation to the life of clubs and societies is viewed as an integral part of training.

Other Degrees

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