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L'École de design Nantes Atlantique

Multiple locations
Partner of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nantes, L’École de design Nantes Atlantique is a private institution for higher education dedicated to design professions, in association with l’Université de Nantes. Founded in 1988 and recognized by the State, the school is a non-profit organization, and is an active member of various academic networks and professional organizations.


Founded in 1988 and recognized by the State the school is a non-profit organization

The school’s project is based on four values embodying our vision of design:

  • the recognition of creative workers as true professionals,

  • the promotion of design as a strong economic asset,

  • design as a trigger for innovation,

  • design as a practice that tackles social, economic and environmental issues in a responsible way.


L’École de design Nantes Atlantique offers several types of degree program, depending on the level of studies and the course chosen. More information about our Diplomas on our website : https://lecolededesign.com/en/school/certifications-and-rankings


L’École de design centers its expertise on socio-economic issues, by combining teaching, experimental research and support with innovation, within its Design Labs which develop design research programs within dedicated chairs.


L’École de design Nantes Atlantique is an active member of various academic networks and professional organizations: Conférence des Grandes Écoles (top-tier French higher education institutions), Campus France...

For many years, its students have been awarded prizes in prestigious competitions.

The successful careers pursued by our graduates is good proof of the quality of our teaching methods.

More information on our website: https://lecolededesign.com/en/jobs-and-carreers/graduates-career-paths

Short Courses

Student services

More information about student associations on our dedicated page: https://lecolededesign.com/en/studying-nantes

Housing services

FEEL FRANÇAIS PLATFORM: Feel Français is a single platform which offers a wide range of services to help international students settle into their new lives in France, including finding accommodation, opening up a bank account, buying a phone card, applying for a visa, housing benefits, health insurance, transport and electricity. Feel Français is dedicated to making living and studying in France as easy as possible.

ICT services

Several computer rooms are available for students: a total of 120 workstations, under Mac and PC environment, with access to high-speed fiber optic Internet. Otherwise, students have the possibility to connect their laptop to the school’s WiFi network and acceed to Internet freely and openly.

For more information: https://lecolededesign.com/en/school/building

Campus life

L'École de design Nantes Atlantique is located near the city center of Nantes, in the heart of the creative district, in a working area of more than 11 600 m². L’École de design is open to students from Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am till 9:30 pm. Students have access to all classrooms and workshops, except when these one are not available during regular teaching classes.

Student clubs

Different associations, independent of the school, were created by/and for the students:

  • Bureau des arts (BDA)
  • Bureau des étudiants
  • Bureau des sports


The Diplôme de design is based on a five-year curriculum, divided into two cycles :

  • BDes, a 3 year undergraduate course

  • MDes, a two year postgraduate course leading to the Master’s level degree in design, certified by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research and registered in the Registre National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP) as a Level 7 Master’s degree.


L’École de design Nantes Atlantique also awards the DN MADE, National Diploma in Fine Arts, Crafts and Design. The DN MADE leads to the award of a bachelor degreeafter three years of studies.

Nantes, Pays de la Loire, France

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