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EOI Business School

Multiple locations
Our University is one of the most prestigious institutions in Spain in the field of management training. 


Established in 1955, Spain’s School of Industrial Organisation was the first business school in Spain and is one of the oldest in Europe. It was a pioneer in developing specialised training programs on business skills and improving companies. Its many years of experience have enabled it to participate in modernising the economy and Spanish industries and improving companies and institutions.


Our approach combines theory and practice in courses designed to explore different disciplines and introduce you to a global perspective.

Our executive programmes allow these professionals to improve their management skills, knowledge, working methods, leadership skills and strategic thinking. They are also designed according to business and professional needs and watching new trends, so that each professional can develop their full potential in different areas in a tailored way.

We have outstanding professionals who, besides having solid experience in their field, believe in participatory learning, encourage commitment and believe in the value of sharing, encouraging discussion and conversation between students.


Spain’s School for Industrial Organisation has four departments that aim to address issues and specific problems within a specific area. Current problems increasingly need to be analysed globally and their complexity makes interdisciplinary collaboration a requirement. The aim is that each department is an observation and reflection platform from which these problems can be addressed beyond own interests and from which more concrete solutions can be given from the perspective of a particular discipline or area.


Due to our connections with institutions and companies, we post around 1, 200 job vacancies a year.

Short Courses

Student services

  • Our Student Services department offers individual advice and boasts a network of contacts among students who want to flat share.
  • Open voice spaces - We want to hear your voice and find out your opinions and experiences. We have therefore set up virtual and physical areas for you to express yourself. Together we build the school "live" that we want.

Housing services

There are different types of accommodation according to needs and preferences:

  • Flat sharing
  • Individual apartment
  • Halls of residence

Library services

To complement your knowledge or research on a particular issue, we have a specialised library from where you can access publications and documents about the economy, environment, sustainability, etc.

ICT services

You'll find open WiFi in all the School’s facilities: even in the garden!

Medical services

Just for the fact you’re studying with us, you’ll have the peace of mind of accident and liability insurance. We also offer the possibility of hiring an additional policy if you so wish.

Campus life

EOI has 2 campuses, one in Madrid and one in Sevilla.

  • To make our school a place open to all, we have adapted accesses and facilities that provide people with physical disabilities access to our centres and their daily lives in them (ramps, services, lifts).
  • For your convenience we also have a self-service restaurant and cafeteria where you can enjoy our menus or take a break when you need one.
  • Specially-equipped conference room for events during the course, with the collaboration of companies, institutions or networks and groups.
  • Our classrooms are equipped with all necessary learning resources. It also has Labs: space to work in groups. 

Sports facilities

  • Being part of EOI is a something global that goes beyond the classroom, so we also organize recreational activities and scheduled outings to nature reserves, games to explore the city, workshops and visits to explore and learn more about a topic related to your educational experience.
  • We promote the value of sport among our students. Besides being a health benefit, it’s a fun way to get to know fellow students at the campus. Throughout the year you can take part in the sports competitions we organize.

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