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HKU University of the Arts Utrecht

HKU University of the Arts Utrecht offers preparatory courses, bachelor's and master's programmes and research degrees in fine art, design, music, theatre, media, games and interaction and arts management.


HKU University of the Arts Utrecht is internationally oriented and involved in numerous international programmes and projects. HKU maintains contact with almost 200 educational institutions abroad for the purpose of exchanging lecturers, students and projects. Almost 20% of the students come from outside the Netherlands. 


As a HKU student, during your course you will be working on commissions for customers in the working field. These may be commercial companies or non-profit organisations and cultural initiatives.That way, you learn hands on where your strengths lie and what you can offer the world as a designer, lecturer, producer or performer. HKU produces creative professionals and entrepreneurs with initiative who know where their chances lie, both nationally and internationally.We work with renowned art and cultural educational institutions in Europe, Africa, Japan and the US, so you have a wide choice of opportunities for exploring international developments in your discipline.


HKU is in the midst of society. We deploy applied research to enable us to focus on developing creative and technological solutions for, for example, healthcare, education, the cultural sector and the design of public spaces. 

The aim of these research projects is to contribute to the further development of the fields of work for which we are training students. Many of our research projects are on the cutting edge of various disciplines. We encourage future designers, creators and producers to develop research skills to help them see past the borders of their own disciplines. We conduct various research projects in collaboration with international institutions for art education.

Short Courses

Student services

HKU University of the Arts Utrecht has a Service Desk Student Affairs. If you have a specific question concerning one of our courses, the student advisors manning the desk can help you find the answer.

Housing services

Utrecht is a great city to live in. But student accommodation is scarce, so start looking in plenty of time. Search in as many ways as possible at the same time and be creative. A lot of people find a room through friends or acquaintances.

Library services

HKU has four library and information services, each with its own specific collection. Students can use all facilities upon presentation of a valid student ID card.

The HKU libraries include a large number of special collections and catalogs. Besides books, magazines, articles and final papers (theses), you can find all kinds of music and theater scripts.

Campus life

Utrecht has a rich history and is home to a great many monuments – ranging from Roman times through the Middle Ages to 20th-century architecture. The canals that are lined with wharf cellars and inviting terraces, old churches and naturally the impressive tower of the Dom cathedral add to the city’s ambience. Students make up a large part of the population of Utrecht, which offers all the facilities that could be expected of a true student city.

Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands

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