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Business information systems degrees teach the relationships between people and technology in organisational environments. Professionals in the field evaluate, develop and implement information and communication technologies to improve business processes and to enhance an organisation's overall performance. Their focus is to measure the effects and changes that take place in operational activities after implementing new information technologies.

Business information systems has strong connections with library and information science, computer science, business and technology as well as with project management.Masters in business information systems cover topics such as: computing for business and management, data warehousing, database languages, e-business software technologies, web and interactive media design.

Students will gain abilities to design applications and implement solutions that create value and competitive advantage for organisations. They will be able to identify key points and risks of information systems based on a solid analysis and interpretation of business data and processes.

Graduates can find jobs in the field as IT security consultants, integrated information systems analysts, data mining developers, data warehouse and business intelligence consultants, and more.

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Suggested Short Courses in Business Information Systems

Certificate Six Sigma - Analyse, Improve, Control

EdX is an online learning platform trusted by over 12 million users offering the  Six Sigma - Analyse, Improve, Control Program in collaboration with  Technical University of Munich - TUMx. Learn how to statistically analyse process data to determine the root cause for process problems and propose solutions and to implement quality management tools, such as FMEA, 8D and the 5 Whys.

Certificate Digital Transformation Strategy

EdX is an online learning platform trusted by over 12 million users offering the Digital Transformation Strategy Program in collaboration with Boston University – Bux. Strategies for driving business success in the new digital economy.

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