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Video games and multimedia degrees enable the critical study of games. This discipline focuses on theories and concepts of game design and multimedia content creation on various types of platforms. As part of the entertainment multimedia field, creating video content is the most important process in designing video games. Video games and multimedia integrates elements of graphic design, computer science and IT.

Multimedia refers to the use of various forms of media, such as graphics, sound, animation and text, to transmit information to users. Multimedia is related to the fields of communication and journalism and is, for the most part, based on the implementation of computer technology.

Courses in video games and multimedia offer knowledge and relevant information on topics such as: three dimensional graphics, games analysis design, entertainment technology, game animation, applications of virtual reality.

Students will develop programming skills and will be able to design concepts and solutions using specialised computer software. Future video games designers make use of imagination and visual sensitivity to identifying relevant and applicable principles in games design and implementation.

Graduates can find jobs in the field of video games design as software developers, graphic and animation designers, multimedia creators, network optimisation specialists, process model specialists, and more.

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Suggested Short Courses in Video Games & Multimedia

Certificate Game Development and Programming

The University Certificate in Game Development and Programming (UCGDP) at Athabasca University is designed to meet the needs of the game industry by providing students with a solid technical base in game development and programming.

Short Course Options in Digital Media

Harvard Summer School offers several open-enrollment courses, specialized in Digital Media, such as ''Creative Explorations in Screen-Based and Physical Computing'', ''Video Field Production and Character Design for Animation and Games''.

United States
Certificate Game Design and Development

The Game Design and Development from Utrecht Summer School offers interactive hands-on game design workshops, theoretical game design analysis classes, and programming sessions. Since games are designed experiences, shaped by game designers, you will create and formulate experiences, understand the experience through analysis, and translate it to a concrete design which can be implemented.

Certificate Multidisciplinary Game Research

The Multidisciplinary Game Research course is offered at Utrecht Summer School. This summer course treats the study of games as a playful phenomenon, and teaches theories for the analysis of rules and narratives. Furthermore, the course provides an introduction to a number of enabling technologies, such as animation of virtual characters, crowd simulation, and natural interaction techniques. Persuasive games, aiming at the changing players’ attitude or behavior are analyzed and discussed.