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7 Unique Summer School Courses for Students Who Never Stop Learning

Did you decide to enrol in an international summer school but are not sure what subject to study? Do you have a feeling for what you would like to learn, but can’t make up your mind?

If general subjects don’t seem very attractive, you could think about what types of courses would best satisfy your interests and goals. Here are some suggestions that might keep you excited this summer:

1. Courses that will answer your need for creativity

A summer course related to culture and arts will introduce you to a world of possibilities you might have been neglecting until now. Rediscover your forgotten artistic skills by taking a painting or drawing class, or you can delve into the art of sculpture or woodcarving.

If you’re also technically inclined, you can choose an introductory course in computer game design, board game design or investigate computer 2D or 3D modelling software.

Discover the stages of a creative process and learn techniques that will keep you inspired and motivated while working on an art project.

2. Courses that will keep you active

For a complete experience that will include a great deal of physical activity, you can take a course that will make you break a sweat. Set your legs in motion by taking a dance summer course, express yourself by taking a drama class, or unite your soul and body by choosing a yoga course.

Whether you’re a professional wishing to put your body to the test, or you’re just tired of sitting at your desk, you will have lots of courses to engage you in rewarding physical exercise.

3. Courses that create links to the past and the future

Interested in how things became the way they are today? Pick innovative history courses focusing on a particular theme, such as the history of human rights, feminism, games, and more; or study important historical events that have greatly influenced our future.

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Would you like to be up-to-date with the latest scientific innovations? Discover new possibilities by following recent findings related to contagious diseases, technological advancements in medicine, or trends in Behavioural Science and understanding the human brain.

4. Courses to keep you in touch with the world around you

The world is becoming a smaller place, as globalisation taps into all aspects of our lives. Become familiar with how globalisation affects our understanding of law, culture, business, social services, science and more.

You can take a course in European Studies and understand the important role Europe plays in the international environment, as well as the common principles shared and maintained by EU member states. Here are a few examples of available courses:

summer school spain pavel dudek.jpg

5. Courses that prepare you for complex industry demands

Increasing demands on the job market require employees to be able to manage situations that require specialised knowledge in multiple fields. Prepare for a successful career by choosing an interdisciplinary course and getting real life answers to complex questions.

For example, you can combine law and technology, in an interdisciplinary course offered by VU University Amsterdam (Netherlands): Internet, Intellectual Property and ICT: Understanding the Law of the Information Society.

6. Courses that teach you a new skill in a short time

Develop practical skills, creative skills, or tools that will help you improve your academic performance and boost your CV. Introductory courses may offer basic information on a subject and arouse your curiosity to learn more on the topic.

7. Courses offered in beautiful summer destinations

If you agree that the study destination is just as important as the new knowledge you are going to develop, you might want to choose a summer course offered in a popular summer destination.

For example, you can travel to a warm and beautiful country like Spain, and broaden your skills in International Business Law, Entrepreneurship or International Relations, organised by IE Business School (Spain).

Can you think of more courses that may interest you? Did you decide what you want to study this summer? Visit www.shortcoursesportal.com for an extensive list of summer courses you may want to take this year.

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