How an Entrepreneurship Summer School Can Advance Your Management Skills -

How an Entrepreneurship Summer School Can Advance Your Management Skills

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The rise and mass-proliferation of entrepreneurship in the past decades has lead to the economic growth of countries and has also proved to be a key factor in combatting present and past recessions.

Terms like “start-up”, “breakeven point” and “seed financing” are more and more heard around the globe. The economic history of some countries is changing as companies develop and become famous, while others have a local pride that some widely known corporation was once a start-up with their headquarters located on their territory. Many of those CEOs, country managers and directors began as entrepreneurs who desired to try out a certain field.

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Increasingly, younger generations are being exposed to entrepreneurship education, as it is becoming an integrated form of teaching at colleges, universities, and summer schools, such as the one organised by ThinkYoung in Brussels and Hong Kong.

The benefits and causes of entrepreneurship

From a macroeconomic point of view, there is widespread consensus among governments and experts that entrepreneurial activity contributes to foster competition, innovation, economic growth, job creation and the general well-being of citizens.

For a person willing to own his/her own business, entrepreneurship can have significant benefits that can hardly be achieved in other types of employment:

  • Entrepreneurship provides the entrepreneur with control and independence to take decisions according to his/her own values, wishes, or interests.
  • It offers a chance to make a difference in society.
  • Accumulation of wealth.
  • Owning your own business is seen by many as a gateway of self-realization and an expression of their lifetime goals, which translates itself into passion and motivation for the work you do.
  • Entrepreneurship helps you develop skills such as long-term strategy thinking, problem solving and teamwork, which help throughout your entire career.

The level of entrepreneurship varies across countries and over different periods of time, as different policy measures and legislations can influence the level of entrepreneurial activity. However, it is generally accepted that the educational system plays a big part for several reasons.

First, it provides individuals with a sense of autonomy, independence and self-confidence. Secondly, education makes people aware of alternative career choices. Third, education broadens the horizons of individuals, thereby making people better equipped to perceive opportunities, and finally, it provides knowledge that can be used by individuals to develop new entrepreneurial opportunities.

The perspective of choice is then up to what you expect from your summer short course in entrepreneurship:

  • The emphasis you wish to put on: reaching success, specializing in a certain area and discovering its needs, observing the trends or focusing on a side of venture development (for example, seeking for a value proposition validation)
  • The duration of the course – between 1 and 5 weeks
  • The costs, which have an average of 1,500 EUR/programme

What is entrepreneurship education?

Entrepreneurship education is centred on teaching an attitude and shaping a specific set of traits that will make a successful entrepreneur. Unlike conventional education, entrepreneurship education is an experimental learning process where you try, you fail, you learn, you get up, you try again, and you succeed.

According to the Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education, entrepreneurship education is not just about teaching someone to run a business, it is also about encouraging creative thinking and promoting a strong sense of self-worth and empowerment. Through entrepreneurship education, students learn how to create business, but they also learn a lot more:

  • The ability to recognise and pursue opportunities by generating new ideas and finding the necessary resources.
  • The ability to create and operate a new firm.
  • The ability to think in a creative and critical manner.

Summer school at ThinkYoung

Training programmes and summer schools dedicated to entrepreneurship education seek to fulfil the aspirations of young students into concrete actions that will build their own firm.


  • Students will acquire valuable entrepreneurship knowledge, which will help them identify and stimulate entrepreneurial skills
  • Increase their capacities in the creation of action plans by improving techniques and evaluating business situations
  • Promote an attitude towards change by debating with successful entrepreneurs and challenging their ideas, proposals, and success stories.
  • Promote new start-ups, and/or business collaborations between participants and speakers.

Program and fees

The summer school will usually consist of a 5-day intensive training whereby participants will receive inspiring talks and guidance from successful entrepreneurs such as Corinne Goddijn-Vigreux (Co-founder of TOM TOM), Jennifer Chan (Founder od Delta Think), Luigi Tiziano Peccenin (Founder and Honorary President of Wall Street Institute International and Wall Street English China), Raphael Cohen (Founder of Hotel Quickly),and many others.

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