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Study Short Courses in Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia

Tallinn at a glance

Have you ever considered graduating a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree in the only Eurozone nation with a budget surplus? Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, has known economic growth throughout history, due to its favourable location near the Baltic Sea. The city qualifies as a tempting destination for international students seeking affordable higher education, if you consider the national scholarship programmes now available awarding generous monthly funding.  Study abroad in the capital of a country that declared internet access a human right, focusing on providing complete online services (free Wi-Fi) coverage to cities and rural areas alike. Tallinn is a 159.2 square kilometres harbour-city situated in the north of Estonia. Here is where history left its marks on the medieval streets and houses that date back to the 11th century.


Studying in Tallinn

The universities of Tallinn provide a limited amount of English-taught undergraduate programmes that take three – six years to complete, while the offer of graduate programmes with regular or accelerated study durations is much more varied and extensive. PhD programmes in Tallinn stand out because of the rich selection. Some students may benefit from free courses, while others study in affordable academic programmes. Tuition-free short courses are also available in the local Open University.

While studying at a university from Tallinn, you would notice the unique atmosphere of focused small student group classes. Lessons conducted by experienced lecturers have a significant practice-oriented component, sometimes featuring high-level research projects. Some of the most popular fields of study in Tallinn include business administration, media, law, liberal arts, international relations, integrated engineering, veterinary medicine, music and cyber security engineering. Take an affordable MBA in Tallinn and gain equal chances to compete at a top level on the global market.

Enrol in a quality Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, various types of short courses, graduate diplomas and certificates to benefit from some of the best education in Baltic Europe.


Career opportunities in Tallinn

A university degree earned in Tallinn often leads to successful, high-pay careers in this business-friendly city, the success of which can be seen in the impressive skyline with high-tech hotels and steel skyscrapers. This e-friendly society gives you the chance to fund a company in 20 minutes and average gross salaries of 1,000 EUR/month. In the Capital of Estonia, there are more successful start-ups per person than many other European countries. Some of them include companies like TransferWise, CrabCAD, or Fortumo.

Skype was developed in Tallinn and now is one of the famous scholarship providers for IT students in the city. You should also consider internships in other successful multinationals with offices in Tallinn, such as: Estonian Air, Ericsson, Statoil, Swedbank, or Nordea.

In addition to information technology, Tallinn has a well-developed industry in the fields of tourism, energy, finance, manufacturing, retail or food processing.


Tallinn city life

Tallinn is a modern and accessible city, where students can enjoy the mix between skyscrapers and medieval sights. The city centre offers restaurants, shops and hotels, while in the old town you can virtually step into history. There are regular outdoor festivals and the Old Town merges hundreds of wine bars, cafes and restaurants.

The Old Town impresses through its original architecture. The Town Hall is a stone building lasting from 1402, with a Gothic style design. You will also find there the oldest pharmacy from Europe, built in 1422. The Church of Holy Spirit is also highly visited by tourists.

Beyond the famous Old Town, Tallinn is famous for the zoo, puppet museum, TV Tower or the Kalma Sauna. You can re-live your childhood at the Piip & Tuut Playhouse, enjoy an evening in the Hell Hunt, “the first Estonian pub” or admire the city view from Lounge 24.

The everyday activities are very technology friendly: students buy movie tickets, park the car or reserve tables at the restaurant using mobile phone apps.

Public transport is free of charge for students in Tallinn and the theatre, concert, nightclub and movie tickets are at reasonable prices. Students also benefit of discounts or free entrances in nightclubs.

International atmosphere in Tallinn

In addition to the local Estonians, a third of the population is made up of Russians, while the other minorities are Byelorussians, Ukrainians and Finns. This is why the most commonly spoken languages in the city are Estonian and Russian.

However, English is widely spoken, especially when it comes to the service sector. You may also hear German and Finnish.

Universities welcome international students from across the globe, offering them advanced teaching capabilities, through cooperation agreements with partner universities in countries worldwide. A great percent of foreigners work as regular academic employees in Tallinn.

Weather Tallinn

Climate in Tallinn is temperate and mild, with breezes from the Baltic Sea. In summer, the average temperature is 21°C (70°F). During the winter, temperatures can drop to below -8° C (17°F[AP1] ). The longest daylight period is 19 hours, while the shortest winter day lasts six hours.

Universities in Tallinn

Tallinn University is a modern and dynamic research university in Estonia with a leading role in promoting an intelligent lifestyle through education, research, and a unique collaboration across disciplines.

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Tallinn Summer and Winter School offer the best Estonian-language specialists teaching at the highest level, the program provides exposure to a wide range of internationally-acclaimed academics. Participants will be introduced to the finest aspects of our local culture. Interaction with a diverse array of fellow international students often proves to be the most important aspect of the programs.

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