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Don’t listen to loud quacks that would rather treat your migraine with an apple - you need medicine! Proper training in Pharmacy is the way to go. As a subdiscipline of Medicine, Pharmacy is the science that focuses on the techniques of preparing and dispensing drugs. Think of a more legal Walter White, working in much safer conditions.

Your degree, be it Bachelor’s or Master’s, will entail spending time in laboratories, researching and learning about the chemistry involved in the development of medication. Some of the courses covered by this degree consist of:

• Pharmaceutics
• Medicinal Chemistry
• Pharmacognosy
• Pharmacy Practice

Considering everybody needs pharmacists at some point in their life, the fields you can find yourself in are vast and very diverse. Some of these are:

• Community, Clinical, Veterinary, Military or Specialty Pharmacy
• Pharmacy Informatics
• Pharmacology
• Science Writing
• Toxicology
• International Institutions with Health Care Professionals

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