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Think of Public Health specialists as the wizards who strive to make our world healthier all around. The great achievements of the public health sector are not limited to the control and reduction of infectious diseases; public health also means safer workplaces, healthier mothers and babies and even healthier foods.

Public Health is a broad field of study that involves improving the conditions and behaviors that affect human health. During a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Public Health, students learn to research public health issues, create and support health policies and undertake educational activities to promote healthy living.

Public health professionals evaluate the overall health of communities, taking into consideration medical, social, and economic factors that impact our wellbeing. Students who graduate with degrees in Public Health generally enter into the following careers:

• Health informatics specialist
• Health care administrator
• Epidemiologist
• Public health manager

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Suggested Short Courses in Public Health

Short Course Infectious Disease and Public Health

Infectious disease affects all our lives to varying degrees, often making front-page news: ‘New resistant strain of TB’, ‘Will bird flu cross over to humans?’ ‘Hospital infections reach epidemic proportions’. The Infectious Disease and Public Health porgramme is offered at The Open University UK.

United Kingdom
Certificate Health Administration

The University Diploma in Health Administration offered by Athabasca University provides individualized study and where feasible, by grouped study (classroom and video conference delivery), in collaboration community colleges.

Short Course Promoting Public Health: Skills, Perspectives and Practice

Public health is everyone’s business and the contribution of local authorities, education, social care, families, police, prisons, business and voluntary sectors is now acknowledged as vital.The Promoting Public Health: Skills, Perspectives and Practice programme is offered by The Open University UK.  

United Kingdom