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I’m sorry to break this to you, but the Earth is in trouble. Like, for real! It’s a matter of time until she will announce it’s time to shut down and go to bed, and that she’s not mad, just disappointed. Well, luckily, a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences will keep nature happy and help us do our share of chores around the house.

This degree places the environment in the forefront, studying every aspect of the natural world as well as the human impact upon it. Through this subject, you can diminish the harm we do and devote your energy to conserving nature as much as possible.

Studying issues like pollution, global climate change, and the depletion of natural resources, students in Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences programmes focus on the most pressing environmental and ecological issues of today. Some of the specialisations you can choose from, be it for your Bachelor’s or your Master’s, are:

• Geology
• Climate Studies and Meteorology
• Oceanography, Hydrology and Water Management
• Toxicology
• Biodiversity and Conservation
• Ecology
• Natural Hazard Prediction

Students in Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences should have an affinity for Physics and Biochemistry. Because you will be able to apply everything you learn through experimentation and observation. So, if you like having a hands-on approach to studying (and you like assuring the survival of humanity more generally), this is the degree to choose.

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Suggested Short Courses in Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences

Short Course Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis

 Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis from The Open University UK is one of a series of short, five month 10-credit modules introducing fascinating topics in science. If you’ve ever been intrigued or affected by volcanic eruptions, earthquakes or tsunamis and want to find out more about why they happen and what they do, then this is the module for you. 

United Kingdom
Short Course Ecosystems

The Ecosystems programme is offered by The Open University UK. This module considers the interactions between organisms and their environment that together form an ecosystem – which can range from a simple microbial community to the biodiverse rainforests of the tropics. 

United Kingdom
Short Course Environmental monitoring and protection

This Environmental monitoring and protection online module at The Open University UK will equip you with knowledge of the different environmental monitoring techniques for water, noise, air, and wastes; how to model and interpret the impacts of pollutants; and the techniques available to eliminate the pollutants.

United Kingdom