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Special Education is the study of alternative educational methods and school practices designed for children with special needs. Special Education is aimed at teaching gifted kids, with high intellectual capacities, or young people with mental or physical disabilities, like learning impairment, hearing impairment, stuttering, amputations, cerebral palsy, etc.

Special Education aims to answer questions like: How to offer proper education to children with special needs? Which are the best alternative methods to teach them basic skills and knowledge? How to adapt the curriculum and study plans to their specific requirements?

Special Education, sometimes called Special Needs Education, is a general academic discipline, but some universities offer specialisations, such as Sign Language, Deaf Studies, Special Education – Elementary School, Special Education – Secondary School, Special Education – Early Childhood Education, and others.

A typical Special Education curriculum includes subjects like Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) System, Learning Difficulties, Social, Behavioural and Emotional Development, Ethical Practice, Inclusive Practice, Child Abuse and Neglect, Special Education Law, Meeting Different Needs, etc.

The typical career paths for graduates of special education degree are: special education teacher, special education counsellor, social/child care worker, teacher assistant, instructional coordinator, occupational therapist.

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