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Educational Research sets as objectives to explore notions, theories and trends to find better, more effective ways of teaching students from different cultural backgrounds, with disabilities, of different age groups and different performance capacities. Educational Research tries to answer questions like: What practices offer the best education outcomes? Which teaching methods work at which ages? What are the limits of learning potential for various types of students? What methods can effectively educate and engage modern student audiences?

Educational Research will teach you how to use quantitative and qualitative methods to analyse a variety of data sets, how to use a shared professional terminalogy and how to draw scientificly sound conclusions. In short, it will teach you how to be a researcher into the field of Education. You will use your critical thinking to question already existing literature on a topic, devise a hypothesis, test it and find evidence to confirm or disprove it.

Making use of other disciplines like Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology and Philosophy, Educational Research proposes solutions for the various issues observed during the research process.

Educational Research students immerse in research projects and research teams and throughout the studies gains reflexive, critical and analytical competencies and the ability to innovate the existing educational practices. Students will be equipped with problem solving skills and they will be able to define and formulate research problems and questions that can be tested.

The most common career prospects for Educational Research graduates are: educational researcher in a university/non-profit organisation/government agency, data analyst, measurement adviser, research coordinator, director of student assessment, education counsellor/adviser.

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