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Short Course Leadership in Healthcare (Blended Version)

In this multi-disciplinary Leadership in Healthcare (Blended Version) course from Utrecht Summer School we let you recognize, experience, theorize, understand, question and develop (clinical) leadership practices in the context of your everyday work as a healthcare professional, researcher or manager. We support you in making the next step in your healthcare leadership career and expand your network

Certificate Multi Professional Cooperation in Stroke Management

In this Multi Professional Cooperation in Stroke Management course from Utrecht Summer School you work in multi disciplinary groups (f.e. medicine, nursing, physiotherapy and speech-language therapy). You will start from your own profession and your knowledge about diagnosis and treatment of the problems of patients after stroke. Then you learn how to prepare and participate in multidisciplinary rounds, discussions and interactions.

Healthcare (HU)
Certificate Customer Orientation in Healthcare Organizations: a Mindset Approach

The overall focus of this intensive and interaction-driven two-day Customer Orientation in Healthcare Organizations: A Mindset Approach course from Erasmus University Rotterdam is on bridging the gap between theoretical concepts of customer-centered thinking and the practical implications for the healthcare sector. Participants will get the opportunity to reflect and discuss their organization’s mindset towards being customer-oriented. Also, best practice examples from various industries will be discussed.

Short Course EHealth Foundations

This foundation course in eHealth is designed for those working at the forefront of digital technology implementation and innovation in healthcare. In this course, you will learn the fundamental principles and methods in eHealth, as we equip you with practical tools and techniques. By successfully completing this course, you will have a critical understanding of the key components in eHealth initiatives empowering you to manage successful projects in this sphere.


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Health management or healthcare management designates the process of organising and coordinating the performance of a healthcare facility. A health manager supervises the business and administrative aspects of a health care institution, and is responsible for the overall internal healthcare system, including clinical and non-clinical staff, partner organisations, insurance companies, government bodies, etc.

Key skills in healthcare administration include a natural inclination toward leadership, interpersonal skills, analytical abilities and an entrepreneurial mind-set. Universities and medical or business colleges offer degrees in healthcare management, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Academic programmes can be found under different titles such as health management and policy, healthcare management and insurance health service management, health administration, health management systems (HMS) or international health management. Regardless of specific curricula, the main focus of such programmes is to provide solid business and administrative knowledge in healthcare contexts. To attain a management position, healthcare professionals typically acquire an accredited degree such as Master of Public Health (MPH), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Health Administration (MHA) or Master of Public Administration (MPA).

Career opportunities for graduates include hospital and health system management, clinical human resource, medical group administration, pharmaceutical companies, care management organisations, supply chain companies, government or policy organisations, health insurers, and consulting. Healthcare management professionals work as administrators, managers, CEOs, planners, and more.

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