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Short Course EHealth Foundations

This foundation course in eHealth is designed for those working at the forefront of digital technology implementation and innovation in healthcare. In this course, you will learn the fundamental principles and methods in eHealth, as we equip you with practical tools and techniques. By successfully completing this course, you will have a critical understanding of the key components in eHealth initiatives empowering you to manage successful projects in this sphere.


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Public health deals with the health of the community and aims to prevent diseases through organised actions, information resources and education efforts. It deals with physical and mental health, social well-being improvement, particularly in these areas such as waste disposal, water supply, food safety or water pollution. Public health degrees cover multidisciplinary approaches teaching biostatistics, health services and epidemiology. It also deals with these sub-fields: community health, behavioural health, health of economics, occupational health public policy and environmental health.

Graduates of Bachelors and Masters in public health will acquire skills that involve management for different strategies like: strategies for health promotion and protection, strategies for disease prevention and more. Students have to be able to realize a complete analysis regarding a public health issue, they have to know to make proper recommendations for a public health policy or a public health program development.

Career paths after graduating Public Health discipline include: health department administration, public nursing, public health communication, public health planning, emergency coordination, epidemiology, pharmaceuticals, and others.

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