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Microbiology is the science that deals with the study of microorganisms and the effects of diseases that microorganisms produce. Microbiology degrees study the shape, structure (morphology), genetic and metabolic processes in microscopic and sub-microscopic organisms.

The science of microbiology is relatively young and it offers practical applications for different areas of human activity: medicine, agriculture, nutrition, biotechnology and more. Theoretical and practical accumulation of nuclear physics, cellular and molecular biology, and information techniques have led to the improvement of microbiology logistics, resulting in the rapid development of microbiology as a multilateral science. Studying microbiology touches upon elements of other disciplines like chemistry, biomedicine, public health, environmental impacts and human health.

Two main branches of microbiology are bacteriology and virology (which deals with the study of viruses and diseases), while other sub-disciplines include: immunology, biotechnology, industrial microbiology, public health microbiology, environment microbiology and genetic engineering ? one of the most dynamic fields of modern microbiology.

Students will have the chance to study topics such as: genetics of microbiology, general virology, microbial pathogens, infectious diseases, general parasitology and microbial ecology. Appart from understanding scientific processes and methods, students will develop skills in using and interpreting statistics and will be able critically analyse information.

A microbiology graduate may benefit from various career opportunities, working as a biomedical scientist, microbiologist, scientific laboratory technician, forensic scientist, science advisor, administrator, researcher, or science writer.

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Umeå, Sweden 162
Milano, Italy 162
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Amsterdam, Netherlands 172
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Lisbon, Portugal 176
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 178
Blacksburg, United States 178
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Guangzhou, China 184
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Göttingen, Germany 193
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