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Statistics comprises of a set of mathematical techniques that help in analysing collected data. Professionals use statistical thinking, parameters and methods to explain results and to anticipate possible outcomes in diverse scientific, social and business issues. Therefore, statistics is a valuable tool used in other disciplines such as medicine, natural sciences, sociology, economics, engineering and marketing. Statisticians gather data, summarise information, draw conclusions and advance predictions.

Universities offer mathematical programmes with specialisation in statistics, usually at the undergraduate level, or highly specialised degrees in statistics at the graduate level. Specialisations of statistics degrees include: statistics and measurement, statistical inference, econometrics, quantitative methods of the financial markets, statistics in life sciences, computational finance, biostatistics. Applicants are typically required to have excellent grades in mathematics and at least one other science subject. Students and professionals will use computer literacy and transferable abilities such as analytical skills, a sound logic, the capacity to interpret vast amounts of information and to effectively communicate results.

Graduates in statistics can easily find jobs wherever there is the need for decision-making based on data. They can become business analysts, economists, mathematicians, data analysts, risk analysts, environmental scientists and may naturally advance in managerial positions. Professionals work in various industries, such as medicine, health care and pharmaceuticals, marketing research, public administration, sociology, business, or insurance.

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Suggested Short Courses in Statistics

Short Course Online Course - Stata Fundamentals

The Online Course - Stata Fundamentals, offered by Timberlake Consultants, provides a complete introduction to using the statistical analysis software package, Stata. It is an ideal tutorial for the new or beginner level user who wants to have a head start and learn how to use Stata efficiently.

United Kingdom
Short Course Options in Statistics

Harvard Summer School offers several open-enrollment courses, specialized in Statistics, such as "Introduction to Quantitative Methods" and "Introduction to Statistical Modeling".

United States
Short Course 2017 Stata Winter School, London

The 2017 Stata Winter School, London, presented by Timberlake Consultants, comprises a series of four separate short courses that allows the flexibility to attend one, a combination of or all courses consecutively.

United Kingdom
Short Course Time Series Econometrics Using Stata - Introduction

The Time Series Econometrics Using Stata - Introduction course, offered by Timberlake Consultants, provides a review of and a practical guide to several major econometric methodologies frequently used to model the stylised facts of time series via ARMA models, univariate and multivariate GARCH models, risk management analysis and contagion.

United Kingdom