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Mechatronics or Mechatronic Engineering is an interdisciplinary engineering field that combines principles from Mechanics, Electronics, Computer Engineering, Robotics and Automatic Control. Mechatronics prepares engineers who can design, develop and test a broad range of automated machines from industrial systems, artificial intelligence and medical equipment, to consumer products.

Mechatronics provides the fundamental knowledge for creating smart machines that grab information from their environment and use it to make decisions and prioritize actions. So, in short, Mechatronics is the branch of Engineering focused on creating robots and other automated equipment, and is very related to Robotics.

Mechatronics studies can be offered as a specialization for Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Information Technology programmes.

Mechatronic studies are very hands on, with a focus on laboratory practice and applied examples. Students gain basic knowledge of engineering processes, product design as well as the use of digital electronics or computer-aided design (CAD) software. You will develop mathematical and technical skills, logical analysis, project management and the ability to work in teams. Professionals also keep in touch with the global needs of society and innovate machinery according to those needs.

Mechatronics professionals work in various areas such as aerospace industry, chemical processing, communication, healthcare, nanotechnology, manufacturing, automation and control system design. Jobs in the field include product development, control-system engineering, data-logging engineering, electro-mechanical technology, consulting, inventing, and more.

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