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Everything you need to know about studying a short course in Sustainable Energy

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Sustainable Energy is the study of meeting our energy demand without depleting natural resources or polluting the environment. To achieve this, Sustainable Energy examines new ways to use traditional resources — like fossil fuels and natural gas — and tries to increase the adoption of clean or renewable energy sources and technologies: solar panels, water turbines, wind turbines, etc.

Sustainable Energy seeks to answer questions like: Can renewable energy replace fossil fuels? What are the costs of clean energy and how to reduce them? How to increase people’s awareness of renewable energy sources? How does clean energy work; are there any downsides?

A typical Sustainable Energy curriculum includes subjects like Fundamentals of Power Technology, Renewable Energy, Power Generation, Mechanical Engineering, Design and Technology, Elementary CAD (Computer-Aided Design), Energy Economy, Risk and Reliability, Efficient Energy Conversion, Petroleum Geoscience, etc.

Sustainable Energy graduates in this field will find career opportunities as energy consultants, energy auditors, wind power engineers, and environmental managers.

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