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Design degrees focus on fundamental aspects of design activity, from comprehension and methodology to values and philosophy. Design is often the first step before executing a certain product that has to follow certain aesthetic features and also respond to certain customers’ needs. Students enrolled in a Bachelor or Master in Design will learn to define the particularities of a certain object or concept, shape, size, colour, environment, costs, functionalities, utility, constraints, etc.

The use and attributes of design are becoming more and more diversified and are nowadays present in many different business sectors, from architecture and civil engineering, to organizational and human behaviour. A designer may work in different fields of activity such as: fashion design, interior design, graphic design, industrial design, web design and more. Students will be equipped with illustration skills as they have to be able to develop original ideas and concepts, as well as technical capabilities. They will also develop research and planning skills – in order to set a strategy for approaching each project, creativity and attention to detail.

Although most graduates of design work in media, advertising or software technology, other popular career options include: exhibition designer, interior designer, landscape architect, multimedia specialist, fashion designer and more.

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Suggested Short Courses in Design

Certificate Design: the World Around Us

The Design: the World Around Us programme taught at the European Cultural Academy takes place during the Venice Architecture Biennale and focuses on the relationship between design, architecture and art. It helps you to better understand the crucial concepts in design such as Object and Color. You will visit the Venice Biennale exhibition, one of the oldest Color Libraries in the world.

Certificate Venice Biennale

The Biennale Architettura 2018, or Venice Architecture Biennale, is an architect’s dream. From May until November the city offers an incredible concentration of industry best projects and exhibitions. The Venice Biennale programme offered by the European Cultural Academy helps you to make sense of this huge international event.

Advanced Diploma Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration

This Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration from Open Colleges could be the first exciting step towards developing your career as an interior designer and decorator. By enrolling in this course you’ll be starting a journey of discovery where you find out exactly what you’re capable of in a design context. The more work you put into it; the more you’ll get out of it.