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Civil law is the legal system that focuses on relations between individuals or organizations and the consequences of these relations. This branch of law focuses on finding solutions and compensations for victims of actions that do not follow the law of the society. Civil law mostly applies to accidents, contracts, wills, properties and other matters that often include disputes, the necessity of an agreement or an affected part.

Civil law is part of private law, along with labour, commercial, corporate and compensation law. Each of these specializations follows particular codes. A Bachelor’s degree in civil and private law (BCL) allows students to specialize in one of the fields mentioned above and earn career prospects in the government, law firms or corporations or even in a private practice.

A graduate with a Master’s degree in civil and private law can work as a solicitor who is hired to guard the interests of his or her clients. This field is financially rewarding, but it involves good research as well as interview skills.

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Suggested Short Courses in Civil & Private Law

Short Course Level 3 Diploma in Law

The Level 3 Diploma in Law qualification offered by the London School of International Business provides learners with an introduction to law and the legal system as well as key academic, research and communication skills to support learners in their development.

United Kingdom
Short Course Law Seminar

This 6 week program is an intensive introduction to the American legal system designed to prepare you to enter law school in the U.S.A or work in the field of law in an international context. Make international connections, learn about the American legal system and the language it requires. The Law Seminar course is offered by Yale English Language Institute. 

United States
Short Course The law dissertation

The law dissertation is the final element of our Master of Laws (LLM).The The law dissertation programme is offered by The Open University UK.  

United Kingdom
Certificate Human Rights Theory and Philosophy

EdX is an online learning platform trusted by over 12 million users offering the Human Rights Theory and Philosophy Program in collaboration with Curtin University – CurtinX. Explore what is meant by human rights through learning about the development of the conventional understanding of universal human rights as well as some of the major critiques of the concept.