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International law deals with relations between nations and states also known as law of nations, and is split into public international law, private international law and supranational law. International law deals with the legal interactions between nations, companies, or governments, assuring their proper rights.

Masters of international law offer many specialisations such as: international economic law, international security law, international criminal law, international environmental law, diplomatic law, international human rights law, etc.

Students of international law will be prepared to address topics such as: state elements of liability for internationally wrongful conduct, state responsibility for dangerous activities, law treaties and negotiation practices, means of settling international economic disputes.

Bachelors in international law may prepare graduates for future government positions as well as to work in departments that address issues such as international relations, European integration and legal reconciliation. Other career paths include private law firms that deal with international business transactions, international and non-profit organisations as well as intergovernmental organisations.

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Suggested Short Courses in International Law

Certificate Intensive Legal English Plus International Law LL.M.

The Intensive Legal English + International Law LL.M. program from University of Miami has a very low student-faculty ratio and faculty carefully review each student’s work and assignments. Students are provided opportunities to meet with their professors and revise their work.

United States
Short Course Chinese Law Taught in English

Interested in Chinese Law? Or considering a future career in an international legal environment? Maybe you also wish to improve your Legal English skills? Whether you are currently enrolled as a law student or have already obtained a first law degree, the programme in Chinese Law offered by the China-EU School of Law can help boost your skills in these fields.

Short Course Level 7 Diploma in International Commercial Law

The Level 7 Diploma in International Commercial Law programme offered by the London School of International Business focuses on the legal responses to the developments shaping international commerce today, as lawyers and business professionals are increasingly required to look beyond domestic law to find solutions appropriate to their international business needs and opportunities.

United Kingdom