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Business Law is the study of all regulations, policies, and legal codes that affect commercial entities and transactions. It includes all the rules that have to do with starting, managing and closing a business, and also on how to create mergers and other types of changes in how a company is run. So, Business Law also examines the interactions between enterprises and the government, customers, competitors, and other companies.

Business Law is also referred to as Commercial Law, Mercantile Law, Law and Business, or Legal Studies in Law. It is an interdisciplinary academic degree, which overlaps with other areas, like Tax Law, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, Sales, and Bankruptcy.

The main goal of Business Law is to ensure that the marketplace remains fair and everyone has equal opportunity to succeed. Both companies and customers need to respect the law and can go to court if someone limits or interferes with their rights.

A typical Business Law curriculum includes classes in Contract and Tort Law, EU Rights, Contemporary Issues in Business, Business and Financial Information, Legal Systems, Legal Research and Writing, Immigration Law, Cyberlaw, Business Ethics, etc.

Business Law graduates can become successful business lawyerers, paralegals, finance analysts, risk analysts, loan officers, or corporate counselors.

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