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Legal Studies is a broad field that covers everything having to do with law, including methods, theories and principles of legal systems. Legal Studies seek the answer to questions like: what is justice and how can we maximize it with the use of well thought-out laws and sound legal practices? And how does law interact with other aspects of society like politics, economy and society?

Legal Studies provide a general understanding of legal systems, how regulations are formed and which are the main stakeholders involved in the legal process. They involve perspectives belonging to subjects including Political Science, Economics, History, Sociology, International Relations and Philosophy. Law students learn how to address important issues such as the relationship between citizens and the state, companies and governments, individual liberty and privacy, social equality, or justice in the distribution of resources.

Legal Studies is divided into main topics like Commercial Law, Environmental Law, Government and Law, Legal Theory, International Law or Criminal Justice.

Legal Studies train professionals who can make use of in-depth knowledge of legal principles, and possess abilities such as: language and communication skills, analytic reasoning, critical thinking and respect for ethical conduct. Extracurricular activities and community service work enhance the more practical side of legal training.

Legal studies provide a background for graduate work in administration of justice, business, legal studies, and law as well as work in law-related fields like insurance, social security, and social services. Graduates develop legal careers as arbitrators, mediators, lawyers, judges and magistrates, legal secretaries, legal consultants, investigators, etc.

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