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Everything you need to know about studying a short course in American and Australasian Studies

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What are American and Australasian Studies?

American and Australasian Studies is an interdisciplinary academic field that explores the history, culture, politics, and societies of the United States and Australasia (Australia, New Zealand, and the nearby Pacific Islands). This unique combination allows for comparative studies and a broader understanding of these regions' roles in global contexts.

American and Australasian Studies Specialisations

The most common specialisations in American and Australasian Studies focus on particular aspects of American and Australasian culture and include:

  • Comparative History;
  • Cross-cultural Studies;
  • International Relations;
  • Indigenous Studies;
  • Literature and Arts.

These specialisations can be pursued at both the Bachelor's and Master's levels so that students can gain deeper knowledge and start building a focus for their careers.


What will you learn during an American and Australasian Studies programme?

Enrolling in an American and Australasian Studies programme gives you the chance to learn about all aspects of America and Australasia, from history and politics to literature and arts. The knowledge and skills you will acquire will help you excel in a variety of careers. Here’s what you'll learn:

  • In-depth understanding of American and Australasian histories, cultures, and societies;
  • Comparative analysis of political systems, foreign policies, and international relations;
  • Insights into these regions' indigenous cultures and histories;
  • Skills in cross-cultural analysis and communication;
  • The ability to interpret literature, arts, and cultural texts from these regions.

Common courses include:

  • Comparative History of the USA and Australasia: analysis of historical events in both regions;
  • Indigenous Cultures: the study of indigenous populations in the USA and Australasia;
  • Literature and Arts: the exploration of key works and their cultural significance;
  • Cross-Cultural Studies: understanding cultural interactions and influences;
  • International Relations: an examination of the regions' roles in global politics.

American and Australasian Studies is a good degree for those interested in a broad, comparative understanding of these culturally rich regions. The skills you get from these courses, such as critical thinking, cultural competence, and effective communication, are valuable in numerous career fields.

Skills required for a degree in American and Australasian Studies

To thrive in this field, you need great skills in writing and researching. Other important American and Australasian Studies degree requirements are critical thinking, the ability to memorise dates and historical details, and awesome skills in historical and cultural analysis.

What can you do with an American and Australasian Studies degree?

An American and Australasian Studies degree can lead to a variety of career paths in sectors like education, diplomacy, journalism, and cultural institutions. The jobs you can get with this degree include:

  • Diplomat;
  • Journalist;
  • Cultural Consultant;
  • Academic Researcher;
  • Museum Curator.

A Bachelor's degree already allows you to work in journalism, cultural organisations, or government agencies, but with a Master's degree, you can build a career in academic research, diplomatic service, or specialised roles in cultural consultancy. So, is this degree worth it? Absolutely! It offers a unique perspective and a versatile skill set that are highly valuable in our globalised world.

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