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Do you know why God created economists? To make weather forecasters look good. Originally, Economics meant merely “the science of wealth” and “the management of a household”; but its focus today has expanded more towards a social science that analyses the economic prosperity of a society.

A Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Economics teaches you about interest rates, exchange rates, economic indicators, and equity markets, allowing you to see how they all influence different industries around the world. Students develop a broad understanding of public policies and their socioeconomic impact upon legislation, taxes, services, and regulations.

Economics has two sub-disciplines:

• Microeconomics – analyses economic agents
• Macroeconomics – explores the entire economy of a society

Students who complete degrees in Economics follow career opportunities as:

• Investment analysts
• Auditors
• Economic consultants
• Financial managers

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Suggested Short Courses in Economics

Short Course Modular Foundation

The Modular Foundation offered by The University of Exeter is a short programme for those who wish to experience life as an international student at the University of Exeter where you will improve your study skills and knowledge in a subject related to your academic interests.

United Kingdom
Short Course Options in Economics

Harvard Summer School offers several open-enrollment courses, specialized in Economics, such as "Principles of Economics", "Introduction to Managerial Finance" and "Financial Accounting".

United States
Certificate Global Business

The Global Business course is offered at Istanbul Aydin Summer School of Istanbul Aydin University. This course will start by introducing you to the key concepts of global business. It will then provide you with an appreciation of the environmental factors influencing businesses in an international context, including the rise of emerging markets and multinational enterprises originating from these markets.

Certificate Certificate III in Business

This Certificate III in Business course from Open Colleges will help you to develop skills in customer service, financial processes and resources coordination.